What was Kopeechka

Any coin on the ground - a treasure, a treasure lawful prey. A gift of fate, promising a variety of joy. And not for nothing lazy to bend down because ...

1 penny - a glass of soda without the syrup in the machine on the corner. Or a box of matches - set fire to houses dymovushki or add as you want.

2 penny - you can run into the booth pay phone, dial the phone a neighbor and shout "Martians arrived, the Martians have arrived, sat down beside Gorgaza!»

3 cop. - Blue notebook in a glossy cover. Or tram ticket - you sit down at the final at the window, with an interesting book - and an hour until the tram circles the city, nobody touches you, and does not interfere with reading. Well, or a glass of water with syrup - orange (on the corner) and strawberry (on the boulevard, after 3 quarters).

4 penny - a luxurious treat: quartered black bread (you can sprinkle with salt from a tin kremanki when turn away fat Aunt Claudia selling tomato juice on a tray at the park)

5 kopecks. - -Heavy Nice coin. Peddling-wasting - terribly sorry, pitiful any other. But - two cockerel on a stick or a delightfully nasty-cotton candy at the park ...

6 kopecks. - Fried pastry with jam. Why so delicious pies were only a?

7 kopecks. Wild cream - tomato, in a paper cup with a splintery wooden stick. You can circle the walls of the cup, stick a stick, turn - and get real-well, almost the moment - popsicle, unprecedented in our part of the subject.

8 kopecks. Also ice cream, only fruit. Parents for some reason it did not approve. Or a fat red-blue pencil. Short - long was worth, it seems cents 15.

10 kopecks. Somehow, many of them then collected - was overthrown in a bottle of champagne. They said that when the bottle is filled -on the money will be available for one Desyatchikov mashinu.A - movie ticket for child session at 10am. Or on a swing in the park pumps. Or even - 5 rounds of melkashki in the dash.

15 kopecks. - Machine-counter on race or "hvatalku" .or gum "Kalev" with dwarfs.

18 -plombir "Frost" in a waffle cup. Or barbarisok.Ili hundred grams loaf (both crusts - your)
22 kopecks -pirozhnoe with creamy mushrooms in the shop. On Chanukah, we decided to give children money - we perepadalo to 22 kopecks from the grandparents. In cakes, yes ...

What for you were the penny? Which means little thing in your pocket?


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