And in our yard (3 photos)

Says the author:

In our yard today was a very merry night. Some, excuse me for the rude word, "tovarisch" we put the car on the night. The location is good, well lightened, left the car every night (well, as indeed in all yards).
And it w More nada such signaling to put more precisely programmed it so - worked once, and 3 minutes popilikala tutzhe begins again - and so for about 15 minutes, then calms down to 3-5 minutes and then again tsykl for 15 minutes ... and all night starting with polpervogo night somewhere.
In the morning, went to work, she was more twang and someone has stuck a sticker and sprayed something back.
Rooms "Dibіla!" Specifically not painted for all to see this monster.
How do I say here, he went out and tutzhe by gas ... even did not take off the sticker!


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