But honor - she just above

Debt of honor - is sacred. Whether you're a beggar or a billionaire. After losing, be kind, to calculate.
Richard Branson, the billionaire founder and owner of the corporation Virgin, which includes, among others, the airline lost a bet to his friend and rival, the owner of airline AirAsia Tony Fernandez companies. It is not so important, even the subject of dispute.
What is more important - the owner of the three billionth (in the pound equivalent) state, "the owner of factories, newspapers, steamships", besides Sir, condition bet fulfilled stewardess on the flight of his rival. Said the boy - the boy replied.
And thus, as an outstanding entrepreneur has enough badsome earned it. In an interview with Richard laughingly told thriller on the subject of avoiding the conditions of the bet. Laugh with him and pay tribute to him and Tony Fernandez. Together they played a wonderful show. And thundered several birds with one stone. And betting closed. And the money to make money. And listed earned such an unconventional way funds for charity.
A good beginning, by the way.


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