PR zhivotoryaschy

I'm madly in love our products PR technologies and image-makers. Especially those who work for politicians. Line up, so to speak, a series of audio-visual necessary socio-moral orientation. Well, there 'hands yakі not steal "white robes and so on. But sometimes creeps little thought: "Is it true that these technologies and thus pay serious money makers? Or maybe they unfasten, to express themselves and postebatsya at the same time? "For example, a wonderful board:

Raises several questions:
1.A that the "right" still really specific? Or purely specific?
2.Nelzya whether at least briefly, literally two lines, about these specific cases, which are more important than politics?
3. And the most important thing. If these very specific cases more important than politics, then why the hell you're into it, in a policy that is to actively TISNET?
4.Vyvod of claim 3. If the policy - not very important and unspecified matter that it makes concrete the boys?
Palites citizens, oh, palites. And no one there for language is not pulled.


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