10 species named after celebrities (10 photos)

In recent years, biologists have increasingly referred to new species in honor of celebrities. As a result, according to various estimates, from 17 000 to 24 000 animals, plants and micro-organisms are named after famous singers, actors, politicians and other celebrities.

1. Fish Richard Dawkins

Name Richard Dawkins is not a fish, but a kind of fish, which includes 4 types. Dawkins himself that his name was named the newly discovered species of fish, very flattered. "I am very happy that now my name is called a genus of fish. These fish are very beautiful. "According to Dawkins, it does not hurt that these fish occupy a fairly low place in the evolutionary chain.

2. Parasite Bob Marley

A small crustacean creature that parasite on the fish in the Caribbean was named Gnathia marleyi, after the reggae star Bob Marley. "I named this species, which is a miracle of nature, after Marley because I have great respect for the music of Marley and admire it," said Paul Sikkel, a marine biologist at the University of Arkansas.

3. Beyonce Gadfly

Newly discovered rare species gadfly Scaptia beyonceae got its name in honor of the famous American singer Beonse. This happened in January 2012. Scientist Brian Lessard admitted that he gave the name of Beyonce Gadfly because gold hairs on the chest of the animal. These hairs resemble a biologist about the singer.

4. Lemoore John Cleese

Newfound view of lemur named after the actor and comedian John Cleese in 2005 th year. Lemur Avahi cleesei lives in Madagascar. Urs Talmann, the scientist who discovered this species of lemur, said that the animal called the name of the actor in return for the promotion of nature protection in many films with his participation. Cleese was very touched by the gesture and the scientist admitted that he loves lemurs.

5. Beetle George Bush


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