Loranskaya pie with chicken, mushrooms and broccoli.


125 g margarine (or butter)
250 g flour
1 egg
pinch of salt


* 300 grams of chicken
* 400 grams of mushrooms
* 200 grams of broccoli
* 100 g onion
* Salt
* Vegetable oil


* 200 ml cream (20-33%)
* 150 grams of cheese
* 2 eggs
* 1 tsp nutmeg (optional)
* Salt

Knead the dough

Prepare the filling.
Chicken fillet boil until tender (cook for about 20 minutes after boiling).
Finely chop.
Mince the onion.
Mushrooms cut into small pieces.
In vegetable oil fry the onion.
Add the mushrooms and fry for 10 minutes.
Season with salt.
Add fillets.
It should be added broccoli (previously defrosted).
Roast 10 minutes.
Cooking fill.
Cheese grate.
Eggs slightly beaten.
Add cream and mix.
Add cheese and stir.
Add nutmeg.
If necessary, add salt.
The form of grease, or lay a baking paper, put the dough, make bumpers.
Put nachinku.Vylozhit fill.
Put in a preheated 180 degree oven and bake for 35-40 minutes.


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