I will have a baby!

- Hello, Slava, only that she knew that I would have a child from you!
 - Well, yes, it will. How do you know?
 - Yes, he just called himself.
 - Ah, yes! And what did he say to you, this unlucky my son?
 - What are you sent him to me, and he'll be here.
 - Why?
 - Well, what are you, exactly where the brain has its propyl? Himself sent and you do not remember why. If so, I will not let him.
 - Wait, I remember! Do not hurt the child! Give him three hundred rubles. For me the loan.
 - Because then you have paid.
 - I - no. The child will give me when he grows up and start earning!
 - This is how much can you expect?
 - And in general, Zinka, I'll say this: if you give me that time is not rejected, then maybe this would have been your child.
 - What?
 - And you would not have to borrow money to me. Because they already have been mine. So what is to blame! Well, Zina, he went to you, my child! .. Son, do not forget: Aunt Zina we promised you five hundred rubles!


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