Savvy kids

Night was heavy rain. Morning hurry on business, walking down the street. In front of me on the sidewalk huge puddle, one edge rests against the wall puddles home, other finishes on the roadway. The walls do not know how to walk, fly - also under the car does not want to. I stand at the puddles in thought, as new shoes, I'm sorry, and his feet wet - enjoy below average. On troture worth about me girl 10 years on the other side of the puddle, I would say - on the other side, her friend, both looking at me expectantly.
I'm in a hurry, go back to the intersection and go to the opposite side of the street no, and laziness. Well, was not, ran through a puddle, obscenely remembering local public utilities, go further. And then a voice from behind one of the little girls:
 - Lena, I told you that there fine, and you're all "check, check ..."


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