Want more!

We were once a very long time in the circus on the colored Boulevard, before its reconstruction. Chairs in the room were old and needed to make an effort to lower the seat. After the presentation, we did not rush to the exit, left to sit in the hall, waiting subside stream of people in the locker room. We were not alone "smart". In the previous row in front of us we left a young couple with a small child of 4 years.
They decided to quietly putting on a jacket, beanie baby, to put this baby on the seat of the chair. Before we could blink ... no child. Dumb. We look at them - they are for us. In the eyes of a dumb question - and boy where? Suddenly creaking chair seat is lifted, there emerges the head of the boy in the eyes - a complete delight! The boy says, "I want more!"


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