And where is the cows being taken?

So, it's all happening in K in the early 90's. Rush hour bus packed, the little boy goes to his dad. Bus overtakes skotovozku with cows (meat-packing plant near - this is where the sausage used to do) Boy:
 - Dad, where are cows driven?
 - Yes, my son, to the meat.
 - And there, at the factory?
 - There will be good Ladybug, ladybug will be fun!
(And passengers are so vaguely listening) At this point in the body skotovozki changes: bull climbs the nearest cow and begins to perform his last conjugal duty.
 - Dad !!! but where is the bull reached !!!
(The bus deathly silence - no one breathes, everyone is waiting for the response of the parent)
 - AAAA, etaa he looks, son, far to the slaughterhouse!


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