Tricks of the Trade "almost honest" taking money (3 photos)

When leaving the city to the city of Orenburg has rise. If you go from Orenburg to Orsk, this descent begins immediately after the stele Orsk. There is a sign - overtaking is prohibited. When was only a sign, drivers often do not notice it, and overtaking at this point, what drivers are deprived of the right to drive the vehicle. But here about a month ago in this area finally struck a solid line marking. Revenues traffic police (and stands there for some reason, very often one and the same crew DPS) declined sharply. Poor, poor traffic police. But very smart - they (or any other, but also very bad people) painted over a solid line marking, making it intermittent. Catching suckers resumed!

And who are those GAN ... s who painted over the layout of the balloon? Guess with three times their positions and titles ...


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