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Quite a milestone, as it seems, an event occurred in the Ternopil region. Local law enforcement agencies managed to defuse a gang that engaged in extortion. And the object of their activities, they chose not big business or market traders. Not at all. Members of the group collected tribute from the students. Sorry for the cynicism, trained on the cat, to paraphrase a famous quote from a famous movie. And that - contingent almost unresponsive. Perhaps not always, and go and syschi intruders. The scheme is quite simple - ruchenki tied, gagged, walked through the body. Removed the mobile tariff plus "service" a hundred and fifty hryvnia. Cheap and cheerful, but the life and fun enough. (And how many to take off your student, eventually).
Yet tied darlings, oddly enough. Strange - because guys doing this fishery for two years (ok so frolic, huh?), Plus they had its own "roof" - a deputy of a village council Lanovetsky area. Age matched official acts - twenty-one years old kid. You have to understand, and to the board, he moved just for this case. And, it seems, is simply not shared something in his youth. Or just messed up. Still not the nineties in the yard.
At the same M. Bender ways of taking money from the population were "relatively honest" and they were already four. And here all stupid and straightforward. But the essence is caught right - once someone has moneys, therefore, it is necessary to remove them. It seems that when balloting for deputies should introduce express questioning. And if the person to the question "how are you going to build your business?" Will give the correct answer (see above), it is quite possible to avoid the trough. And relatively honest ways of obtaining money will be taught. Teachers worthy.


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