Hackers found a new way to steal money from the accounts of owners of Android-smartphones

In our time no surprise in this way steal money from the owners of Android smartphones, like sending text messages to premium numbers. Many users are aware of such threats and monitor their mobile account. But experts of "Kaspersky Lab" found out about the new scheme of mobile malware that allows an attacker to quickly and quietly steal from unsuspecting person a considerable amount of money.


The current schemes of work SMS Trojans that send messages to premium numbers, is that with the monetization of the stolen money, most of the money goes to "middlemen" are very often the unsuspecting: the mobile operator, content provider and the organizers of the special program. Therefore, most of the attacker tries to send immediately 2-3 expensive messages to a significant amount, for example, 1000 rubles, which will attract the attention of the victim. In this situation, the emergence of new methods of obtaining money from the population, it was only a matter of time.


Last month researchers "Kaspersky Lab" has found a Trojan whose purpose is to execute instructions that are received from the remote command server. This is typical behavior for robbers of this class, but further investigation discovered that the new SMS malware provides its owners the possibility of theft of money not from a mobile, and c the Bank account of the victim.
This Trojan does not have independence and communicating with the managing server only broadcasts the team's attacker, sending back the result.

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