Amazing people with incredible abilities (28 pics + text)

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1. autistic UK Daniel Tammet (Daniel Tammet) barely says, does not distinguish between left and right, not umeeet insert the plug into a wall outlet, but in the mind easily perform complex mathematical calculations.

"I can imagine the numbers in the form of visual images. They have color, texture, shape, - says Tammet. - Numerical sequences appear in my mind as the scenery. As the picture. In my head, as if the universe is there with her fourth dimension. »

Daniel knows by heart 22514 digits following the comma of pi, and speaks eleven languages: English, French, Finnish, German, Estonian, Spanish, Romanian, Icelandic (learned in the last 7 days), Lithuanian (his preference gives him), Welsh and Esperanto.

2. A young man from Sacramento (CA) - Ben Underwood (Ben Underwood) - was born perfectly healthy child, but his eyes were surgically removed due to cancer of the retina at the age of three. However, Ben went on to live a full life of a sighted person.


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