Amazing people with incredible abilities (28 pics + text)

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1. autistic UK Daniel Tammet (Daniel Tammet) barely says, does not distinguish between left and right, not umeeet insert the plug into a wall outlet, but in the mind easily perform complex mathematical calculations.

"I can imagine the numbers in the form of visual images. They have color, texture, shape, - says Tammet. - Numerical sequences appear in my mind as the scenery. As the picture. In my head, as if the universe is there with her fourth dimension. »

Daniel knows by heart 22514 digits following the comma of pi, and speaks eleven languages: English, French, Finnish, German, Estonian, Spanish, Romanian, Icelandic (learned in the last 7 days), Lithuanian (his preference gives him), Welsh and Esperanto.

2. A young man from Sacramento (CA) - Ben Underwood (Ben Underwood) - was born perfectly healthy child, but his eyes were surgically removed due to cancer of the retina at the age of three. However, Ben went on to live a full life of a sighted person.

At the same time he never had a guide dog or cane; He is not helping himself with his hands, even if you move in an unfamiliar room. Instead, Ben uses his tongue, making clicks, the sound of which is reflected from nearby objects.

Research physicians have shown that hearing the boy is not worsened as compensation loss of vision - he has hearing normal average person - a brain Ben learned how to translate the sounds into visual information that makes the young man like a bat or a dolphin - it is able to capture the echo, and the basis of the echo to determine the exact location of the object.

3. Daniel Smith (Daniel Smith) - gutta-percha man from the United States, which is a five-time champion Guinness began to twist his body in the age of four, considering that it does not do anything special. But Daniel soon realized how has the talent, and 18 ran away from home with a circus troupe.

Since then, the "rubber man" participated in many circus and acrobatic performances, basketball and baseball games, was a guest on many television shows and programs. Among them: Men in Black 2, HBO's Carnivale, CSI: NY, and others.

The most flexible of all the people living with the body gets up incredible things he easily crawls through a hole in a tennis racket and through the toilet seat, and can be minimized to the incredible components and composition, and move the heart of the chest. Doctors believe that the incredible flexibility has been given to Daniel since birth, but he brought it to the maximum possible limit.

4. Frenchman Michael Lotito (Michel Lotito), born in 1950, opened its amazing abilities to 9 years old - scared to death of parents, he ate the TV. C 16, he began to entertain the people with money, eating metal, glass, rubber. It is interesting that in the body Lotito never showed any side effects, even when eaten contained poisonous substances.

Typically, object to dismantle parts, cut into pieces, and Lotito swallow them with water. The Guinness Book of Records omnivorous Michael, nicknamed "Monsieur Eat it all," was for what ate the plane "Cessna 150". He ate it for two whole years - from 1978 to 1980 - about a kilogram upotreblinya aircraft per day.

Last X-rays showed that the body Lotito still have pieces of metal. But he did not die yet because the walls of his stomach two times thicker than the average person.

5. Radhakrishnan Velu (Rathakrishnan Velu), known as "King Tooth", also has a rare ability. This is practiced in a Malaysian tug teeth vehicles.

August 30, 2007, the eve of the 50th Independence Day of Malaysia, this man broke his own record by dragging a train with his own teeth.

At this time it consisted of a train of wagons 6 and weighed 297 tons. Harikrishnan managed to drag part of 2.8 meters.

6. Liv Lin Tou (Liew Thow Lin) - man-magnet. In its 70 years National Harikrishnana Velu managed to smuggle a car with an iron chain attached to an iron plate on his stomach.

The ability to attract metal objects Liv Lin Tou said hereditary, because the same amazing and incredible gift except him endowed with three of his son and 2 grandchildren.

Scientists, meanwhile, are trying in vain to explain this phenomenon: around Malaysian no magnetic field, and the skin he's all right.

7. Ngoc Thai (Thai Ngoc), 64-year-old Vietnamese, forgotten what sleep after in 1973 had been ill with a fever. It has since Tai per

"I do not know how sleeplessness affects health - he says - but I am quite healthy and can run the economy is not worse than the other & quot ;. As proof Ngoc mentions that every day is two 50-kilogram bag of fertilizer a few kilometers from the house.

And during the medical examination, doctors have not found any Vietnamese illnesses other than minor abnormalities in liver function.

8. Tim Cridland (Tim Cridland) - a person is not in pain. Even in school, "King of Torture" hit classmates when, without batting an eye, pierced hands and needles safely withstand any heat and cold.

Today, Tim demonstrates the horrific things a large audience across America. For this he had a long time to study anatomy. After all, when you look at the admiring eyes of spectators, safety is paramount.

Scientific studies have shown that Tim's a much higher limit of pain, than the average person. Otherwise, he is no different from ordinary people. Including - the degree of damage caused by the piercing of the body with the pins, as well as the chance of death at these injuries.

9. Kevin Richardson (Kevin Richardson), relying on instinct, on friendly terms with the family cat, but do not home, and predatory. Without the slightest fear for his life, Kevin can spend the night with the lions.

Cheetahs and leopards, if desired, can tear a man in a split second, taking a biologist for her. Even unpredictable hyenas are so accustomed to Kevin that female hyenas, for example, allows him to take the hands of newborn babies.

"I rely on intuition, weighing their chances when dealing with animals. I never draw near unto the beast, if I feel that something is wrong - says Richardson. - I do not use sticks, whips or chains, just patience. It's dangerous, but for me it is a passion, not a job ».

10. Claudio Pinto (Claudio Pinto) from Belo Horizonte is known more as a man with bulging eyes, because he is able to gawp at 4cm, that is, 95% of eye orbits.
Pinto was a lot of medical examinations and the doctors say they've never seen a man who is able to perform with his eyes.

"This is - a fairly easy way to make money. I can gawp at 4 cm - is a gift from God, and I feel happy, "- says Claudio.


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