Caring Dad

It's a touching moment - little bear arms is a loving father, which makes the photos taken at the zoo eastern part of Russia even more interesting, since most adult bears have nothing to do with their own cubs, just simply leaving their foster mother bear. But Ball is different from most of his fellow, and example - of his four-month daughter Diva.

He even seems snorts at her tummy while mama bear Masha looks at them. Ministers Primorsky zoo in Russia were shocked by an unusual devotion to the father of her daughter.

That's what said zoo director, Elena Aseydulina, looking at the pictures: & quot; Father, in spite of all the laws of nature, very caring and loving her cub. Usually it is the mother cares for the children, but Ball is isklyucheniem.On is a real example of a good father. & Quot;

Ball and Mary lived at the zoo since 2002, after they were rescued from poachers by police. Couple clearly relishes his role as parents.
The ministers also noted that Ball took over almost all of the traditional "female" role performed by brown bears - including learning from the dangers of the outside world.

 - Ball Diva decided to teach swimming in the pool, but the baby was waiting for help from the mother, which, in turn, was quite calm, and obviously totally trust her "husband. Baloo holding daughter under water that she realized that swimming is an important skill to bear, at the same time closely monitor its safety: papa bear always knew how long it can stay under water!

 - When Mary feeds Diva, 14-year-old Baloo patiently waiting their turn to play with her.
Zoo director added: "Once I saw how he slapped his paw" wife, "as if to say that it's time to play with his little daughter. & Quot;
I realize that these animals have the same feelings as we do. Insanely touching !!! :)))


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