Soap day of wrath in Moscow

The largest recent uncoordinated opposition rally was held in Moscow today. Thousands of people marched procession through the Old Arbat completely blocked vehicular traffic on this central street.

Activists demanded that the authorities meet with the sun and chanted: "We need another weather!" "Come on out, bring yourself to sun!" "Russia without clouds!" Metropolitan Police did not have time to respond to a natural procession, came to the rescue MIA officers were attacked by demonstrators and retreated .

In the hands of the demonstrators were bright umbrellas ...

People demanded hugs! Some were aggressive mood. When I had a few attacks on the media. Police tried not to interfere, not to provoke the crowd.

People demanded spring!

Some of the slogans written on the faces directly to the police could not pick them up!

Demonstrators took some buildings and blow bubbles.

Many demonstrators were masked. They attributed this to the fact they do not want their faces to shine on an operational shooting. And some just do not want to advertise their relationship.

Soon the situation began to get out of control. People were hugging, kissing, having fun, and perform other illegal activities.

Cheerleaders Navalny. The children were told that the authorities had long sawing good weather. "Why on luxury cottages on the ruble is always the sun? Why in Sochi no clouds and palm trees, and we get snow in April ?! "

The street proceeded foreign delegations ...

There was information that the authorities plan to use tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. Some came in gas masks.

Came to the rescue at the riot police were attacked. A group of girls suddenly began to smile and hug policemen! Realizing that the forces are not equal, they were forced to retreat.

Approximately 40 minutes after the beginning of the action the authorities were forced to accept the demands of the demonstrators and fired the sun.

Today's action according to the organizers is successful, all the requirements have been met. But to end their struggle with bad weather and the mood of activists do not intend to, "If next year will again be a cold spring, we derive the streets of Moscow more than 10 000 people. I think today we were able to show that the movement of bubbles is the real power! "

Parade of soap puzerey or Drimflesh, for the fifth year traditionally attracts thousands of people. This is mainly young people - schoolchildren, students, freelancers, photographers and simply Crank Moscow.

Wishes to stand out from the already vibrant crowd to be ingenious in suits, many bring with them placards with slogans like comic "Freedom bubbles" or "Let's hug." The first "Drimflesh" was organized in 2006 by a group of independent artists. Stary Arbat then gathered around a thousand people, to learn about the action through social networks.

In 2007, the tradition to celebrate spring parade of soap bubbles moved outside of Moscow. This year will also blow bubbles in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Minsk, Prague, Yerevan, Riga and even in Mexico - only action involving more than 20 cities.


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