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In the Buddhist tradition, Tara is the feminine Buddha of compassion that comes to the rescue in difficult situations. "A woman's heart more tender male" - this aspect is particularly strongly manifested in those who see their mission in helping and saving the life and health: nurses, doctors, psychologists, and some women, a sense of personal responsibility for the welfare of others.

For those who want to learn how to better understand the needs of others, in tune with those who need help and care, there are practices that reveal and enhance this capacity: the heart center becomes the main place of perception of signals, which is felt as a special field of energy in the chest and hands. The archetype of Tara is endowed with a special life-giving force, magnetism and wisdom. In Anahata the quality of attention there is a gentle light emitted at a specific person, people or situation.

Exercises that develop the sensitivity of the hands, chest expanding. Meditation "Diamond in the Rose": Sit comfortably with your back straight. Connect the palm of the heart and press them to his chest; thumbs together between your palms. Lightly cover your eyes and slowly concentrate minds on the point between the eyebrows. Imagine in your heart a red rose. In the middle of the bud is a sparkling diamond. Quietly sing the mantra "Om mani padme hum." You can also take any other brief phrase that inspires and animates you. Keep your mind on the image of the diamond in the center of the rose before the end of the meditation, until the time - 2 minutes.


The angry goddess, it can be found in different traditions, in particular, in Greece it was played by the Gorgon Medusa, Hecate and Medea, Ariadne, and many other women deceived or rejected. Kali - the dark and violent subsistence Parvati Shakti dark and destructive aspect of Shiva. Mother Goddess, a symbol of destruction. Kali destroys ignorance, maintains the world order, bless and dismiss those who seek to know God.
Kali independence and autonomy in decision-making. Its archetype allows you to fully feel the force. The woman in this image resembles Lilith, who refused to submit to Adam. In a rage, she was capable of destruction, but displaced by a long suppressed anger brings destruction herself. Therefore, "letting off steam", a woman is able to master his own strength, to transform it into energy for life and to remove barriers to further development.

There is a parable. Once there was a beautiful princess. Nobody could find no flaws in it, she was the epitome of beauty, grace and perfection. She fell in love with a prince and decided to marry her. He came to woo her. Belle gave her consent, but set one condition: "I'll be your wife will love, honor and obey, I will faithfully serve you, and you never will know me grief, and your life will be filled with joy and happiness. But promise me one thing: once a year, you'll let me go on my own for one night and never ask me where I'm going and what I'm doing. " The young man thought that this is not such a difficult condition and, of course, agreed. They got married, became king and queen and began to live in love and joy. The woman was the faithful companion of life for his men. She surrounded him with attention and affection, gave the warmth of your heart and tender love. She faithfully and honestly served him, their kingdom flourished, nothing clouded their lives, but as they agreed each year for one night the queen left the house without saying anything to her husband, and he did not ask where she spends this time . So they lived a long time, but a vague anxiety gradually beginning to master the King. And every time his wife left, this concern is increasingly grew stronger: "Where she spends time without me? What is he doing? Why can not I ask her about it? »
Finally, he decided to follow his wife. One night, when she silently left the house, he quietly went to her. He watched as she walked across the field, crossed the river and gone deep into the woods far away. There she hid behind the old stump. Then, approaching the stump, he saw how she threw off her clothes and turned into a snake, coiled, began to hiss and splash poison. Terrified, he cried out and discovered their presence. Snake saw him, approached him and said, "What have you done? Just one night you could not let me go, without having to worry about yourself. Is it not true, I have served you, did not I loved you? You did not know worries and sorrows with me, and in return I asked for myself only one night of the year. Despite the fact that I am happy with you, love our children and enjoy taking care of our citizens, and sometimes I get tired, irritated and infuriated, and not to show their feelings to others, I am going into the woods and get rid of them, expressing all that had accumulated in my soul for the whole year, for one day becoming a poisonous snake. And now, once you know my secret, I can not save all the irritation and I have to express it at the very moment when I feel it ... »

Since then, women are no longer hiding from the men to turn into a snake bite and poshipet. And men have forgotten what life with his beloved without worries and sorrows. And seeking its women, taking her as his wife, every man dreams of a life in paradise with beautiful, caring, perfect woman, but gets along with her snake that sometimes bites her man.

This image has a special power, and both positive and negative traits dramatically. Some women totally rejects this aspect, while others deliberately cultivated it. In order not to overwhelm periodically accumulating feelings of anger, irritation and resentment, and turn them into your allies, you need to recognize them and give yourself the opportunity to express those emotions.
Cathartic practices such as dynamic meditation "Kundalini" (Osho), Kriya Kundalini Yoga "to convert anger", holotropic breathing, "wild" dances help to transform the destructive energy of Cali in a huge driving force.

Anger is a natural emotion inherent in man. However, the current situation is that we often get angry, but do not have the ability to adequately express this emotion. The reason is social pressure: almost all of us are taught from childhood that to be angry is bad, without offering any reasonable way to solve the problem. A person is free to express anger usually been condemned by others. As a result, it is not bad masters methods of suppression of anger, so that it becomes a habit and leads to the accumulation of internal anger.
Internal aggression can be pulled out to the outside in the form of a powerful rage, which replaced the experience of guilt. Another way to use the internal anger is submitting it to himself. Here lie the roots of depression and self-destructive behavior.

Kriya "Getting rid of anger": Practice of the proposed complex allows devastate stocks of internal anger. In the second exercise, the area in which the "stored" inner anger, is under pressure, and negative emotions have no choice but to come to the surface. In the third exercise, we express our anger outward, as in the sixth going acting out of anger directed at himself. The rest of the exercise was equilibrated navel center, where the emotion is rooted, as well as open channels for converting the energy of anger, preventing its accumulation.

1. Lie on your back, and come in a calm and comfortable condition. Start breathing through the nose at the same time and through the mouth, so as to obtain snoring. Continue for 2 minutes.
2. Lift straight legs 20-30 cm. Stay in this position for 2-3 minutes, breathing slowly and deeply. Then, without lowering the legs, stick out your tongue and start the "breath of fire" through the mouth. Continue to 1-1, 5 min.
3. Without rest, raise your legs straight up and begin to beat his hands with force on the surface. Time 2-3 minutes.
4. Bhaja-pranayama. Pull your knees to your chest and clasp their hands. Language protruding outward breath through your mouth, exhale through the nose. Breath deep, slow and powerful. Time 2-3 minutes.
5. Sit on your knees and gently lower between the heels. Put your hands on your knees. 1 Minute Stay in this position. Then grasp the breasts with her hands. Lean forward with an exhalation and inhalation with erectile. Proceed at a moderate pace for 2 minutes. Then, at 30 seconds, increase the tempo.
6. Sit with legs stretched forward, begin to spank her body with his hands, continued for 2 minutes. Attempts should be strong enough, then there should be hurt.
7. Stand up and lean forward with your back straight so that the body is parallel to the surface, and arms hanging down freely. Within 3 minutes of monotonous chant the mantra "Ram". Focus on the vibration of the sound in the navel center.
8. Do not stopping singing, go to the Cobra pose. Keep on singing "Ram" for a minute. Then start singing with turns head from side to side, continue for 30 seconds.
9. Sit in the lotus position or another position with legs crossed. Twist all the fingers except the index finger and stretch your arms straight up. Sat-kriya. With the utterance of "Sat" draw the belly and follow the mule-bandha, pronouncing "We" hold locks. After each cycle, the mantra is a short breath. Focusing on eyebrows. Continue for 2-3 minutes. At the end of the inhale, hold your breath for 20 seconds, and by doing Mula bandha, push the energy up. Breathe out, hold your breath as you exhale, and with the help of the maha bandha pull the energy up the spine.
10. Meditate for 11 minutes.
11. Deep relaxation for 11 minutes.

Dhumavati (Baba Yaga)

A very old and very wise woman who has passed all stages of life, knows the essence of things, people feel at a glance - the archetype of the lives of many Russian fairy tales, in India it is called Dhumavati. Its appearance is not particularly attractive, its essence - the ultimate honesty and clarity.
We can refer to this way, when we want to be honest to admit their deep desires, and to identify the distant future life decisions. Known worldwide yogini Indra Devi (our compatriot) lived to age Dhumavati (103 years). Traveling around the world, she taught yoga in a light, full of humor manner. In '92 she was in Moscow and surprised everyone when easily "rise" to the scene learned Kirill Molchanov headstand in a few minutes.
By strengthening the bones and joints, imagining the distant prospect of life, we give ourselves the opportunity to live to a ripe old age, gaining a greater sense of honesty with yourself and lasting joy.


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