It is important to look for yourself.

It is important to look for yourself. But the search itself - it is not some period of time, and the path of a lifetime. And only a happy woman, entering into a relationship with the same full man, able to create a happy family.

After all, the deficit is not born complete, it will only double the deficit. Always engaged in their own development. But not in the sense that today is cultivated. On the advice girls often come with claims: "Why do I have such" equipped "in all respects beauty in terms of work, education, career and comfort, there is still no groom ?!" With such an attitude to the choice of a life partner just do not have the groom chance that his general notice. Indeed, in this case in the first place she is not a man, and the wrapper. Development - when it next to you just happy and warm, feel the atmosphere of happiness.

© Marina Targakova


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