6 properties of anger, which you did not know

What the hell are you still not read the collection ?! Do you like to solve problems by throwing into the walls of any innocent objects and shouting dumb TV?!

Anger - one of the most common of human emotions. It prevents the balanced analysis of the situation and encourage them to take short-sighted behavior, which, in turn, give rise to new problems and new anger. Leave a vicious circle is not easy, it is best to do this at an early stage, when you have "boil", but has not had time to do something, then what will have to be sorry. As the saying goes, the enemy needs to know in person, so we offer you to get acquainted with some features of anger, it will help you understand its essence, and will teach you to keep your "wild beast" on a leash.

1. In the "releasing" his suppressed anger and there is no fundamental raznitsyKogda people get angry, one of the most common advice that they get from others - "let go of anger" and calm down. As a rule, such recommendations are useless - people experiencing strong negative emotions, by and large, are not able to control them. In addition, in some situations it is necessary to defend its interests, which requires large amounts of energy, which simply have nowhere to take if a person put up with what is happening.

In addition, for the most zlyaschegosya, the boundary between what he can control, and that it transcends virtually erased. To understand how you can do to rectify the situation, it needs a thorough analysis, which is virtually impossible to implement during tantrums. Thus, the "release" becomes effective only when a person is able to manage it, but in this case, there are no significant differences between this tactic and simple suppression of anger.

2. Through the prism of anger even minor troubles are seen koshmarnymiNavernyaka you know the feeling when, during anger hardball every detail becomes an irritant, provoking alternate flashes of anger. In such situations, it is better not to rush headlong rush into the maelstrom of anger and express to others whatever you think of them, much more productively will attempt to "ride out the storm" of anger. Often, after the anger passes, a person regrets his incontinence, realizing that the situation in general, not worth the spent nerves and damaged relations with the interlocutor.

3. Uncontrolled anger control Vasvi movies and cartoons internal dialogue is often portrayed as a dispute between the "angel" and "devil" - the first calls for prudence and charity, and the second man whispers that it is better to act on the basis of their personal interests and not paying attention to others.

Of course, the reality is much more complicated. In our mind not sound two votes, and a few dozen - fear, lust, pride, love, hunger, and many other emotions do not even try to agree among themselves, each of the "debaters" pulls the blanket over himself, trying to outshout the others. In anger, the person ceases to understand whether he feels any feeling or emotion into this artfully disguised anger, which means anger often gives people choices, forcing him to make certain rash decisions.

Anger can be a great motivator to defend their interests, but the problem is that people often feel anger because of the specific situation, and because of the deep psychological trauma, including those received in childhood. If you really want to know what provoked the outburst of anger, try to look at yourself open mind and try to honestly answer the question - who is to blame for the conflict and whether it was justified anger, or it was the result of your inability to cope with their systems?

4. Surrounding spit on your gnevKogda person experiences anger, he was not taken seriously. Of course, he can make a lot of active measures - to break an important contract, pour a glass of coffee on head boss, break the wall phone, but all this will be remembered only as a banal, meaningless tantrum. Zlyaschiesya often forget about it - they think that others will listen to them carefully, one has only to shout louder and do something improper.

Especially characteristic is confusing for Internet communication - leaving angry comments on articles and arranging senseless showdown, users mistakenly believe that their opinion is extremely important for other people. Moreover, the cause of online disputes often serve as the fundamental contradictions between the various points of view that can not be solved by sending the other party a couple of short but "capacious" (in your opinion) messages acrimonious "smiles" at the end. Social networks are good for leisure activities and the exchange of news, but try to use them to solve the profound existential questions and find out the meaning of life - is like to go to the circus clown and after the performance to give a lecture on classical German philosophy. That is why the Internet like to discuss all sorts of conspiracy theories - it allows you to "justify" negative emotions exhibited by participants in such discussions and create visibility "of global problems to be solved." Of course, only with the help of comments in social media.

5. Anger can nakaplivatsyaNegativnye emotions do not disappear to nowhere - if you can not throw them or eliminate the cause, they go "deposited" in memory and can reappear at any time. Such unexpected spikes often are destructive - you just take it out on the ground came to hand interlocutor or, say, start for no rub this angry and derogatory comments in social networks. The response messages, in turn, only contribute to the escalation of conflict, forcing you, figuratively speaking, to break his head against the wall, behind which there is nothing.

At the same time, anger can be directed in the right direction, using the negative energy as a pretext for the start of work on themselves or as a kind of source of additional forces when driving to the goal.

6. Anger turns you into marionetkuIspytyvayuschy anger loses the ability to think clearly and to count the results of their actions. Losing self-control, a person can become a toy in the hands of a prudent and cold-blooded individuals who use blinded with anger for their own purposes.

Each of you at any given time there are reasons to be dissatisfied with anything - personal life, situation in the country or the purely domestic incidents, such as spoiled food or a broken gadget. When an angry for different reasons people join the crowd, the worst thing is not something that arose spontaneously movement is no single goal, and that a skilled provocateur can subdue the seething hatred of the masses at will and force them to perform the desired task.

Thus, even burning with righteous anger, you can do something silly that only worsen the situation and create new reasons and justifications for anger. This path leads to a dead end, so at times when you want, for example, to strangle the seller and arrange in-store mayhem, just because of the fact that there was not the product you are, try to keep this desire to distance themselves from it and do something -nibud useful - most probably an hour or two you will not even remember what made you lose your composure.

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