In the family, we had 8 children. And because of them I the youngest. It so happened that all of the eight now I alone survived. They died early. And one of my older sisters died right in my arms.

Before her death, she told me an amazing incident that occurred on the eve of her:

 - We came all afternoon from the garden to relax a little bit, it was hot. Well, who went to sleep where. And I was left alone in the common room, but so, too, has decided to take a nap. Briefly lay on the sofa. Here I sleep, do not sleep, and his eyes were still open. Suddenly I feel someone touch my shoulder. I turned around - is a woman. Where it came from, how it got into the house - it is unknown. Doors and windows are all closed. She says to me: "Come with me!" And lures behind him. Then I shivered as if waking from a deep sleep, I look - and that there's no one. Well, I ran to the door to check the locks - all locked. The windows are still closed, and no one outside the house. And the next day I was paralyzed ... Looks like the death came after me ...

She lay paralyzed for nine days in the hospital. I take care of it at the time. But its history over that I just laughed. Like, what a dream is not prividitsya. Although she said that it was not a dream.
She asked me to give her water. So I briefly distracted. I stand at the sink, my mug, I talk to her, and she does not answer. Well, I said to her, but she was already dead.

Our mother for a long time used to say once more that it also had a woman in white. Before her death.

Since these visions are random?


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