10 incredible stories, confirming the existence of psychic abilities

While some psychologists and natural scientists are psychic abilities with great skepticism, many people believe that all the same "something there".

For example, a graduate of Oxford and author of the book "Science and psychological phenomena: the destruction of the building skepticism" Chris Carter refers to two opinion polls, showing that the majority of scientists believe in such capacity.

In one of the interviews was attended by over 500 scientists. 56 percent of them felt the psychic abilities of man "established fact" or acknowledge their existence "high probability". Another study was conducted with the participation of more than 1,000 scientists - this time, 67 percent of respondents considered it telepathy or "established fact" or "very likely phenomenon."

Below you will find several cases of the manifestation of psychic abilities, some of them - fairly well-known stories from the past, while others were drawn in various social media.

1. Anticipation pizzeria

I worked in a small pizzeria and at some point he felt as if he was about to die. Just an incredible feeling of imminent death. I asked permission from the owner and drove home and immediately felt better.

On the same day at the pizza place was attacked and robbed by giving workers the barrel weapons.

2. Timely hysterical

One day I was going out of the house with her 3-year old son, and a terrible happened to him hysterical. He shouted that he will not go into the street because they do not want to die. Ten minutes later the attack vanished, and he was ready to go.

And when we left the house, they saw a terrible accident on the road right in front of our house - just in the wrong place, which we had to pass, if not for this sudden hysterical.

3. Sleep a little girl

Little girl named Eryl Jones predicted his own death, as well as the death of his classmates that happened in Wales in October 1966.

Once Eryl said his mother, he was not afraid to die, because "I'll be there with Peter and June." A few days later, on October 20, she told a dream in which her school was covered with something black, and inside was empty.

The next day, October 21, 1966 there was the worst landslide in the history of Wales. As a result of the collapse of waste heaps of slag on the outskirts Eberfana, cover the school, 116 children were buried alive. Ten-Jones found next to her classmates Peter and June.

4. The path to freedom, Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman became famous for the fact that in the 19th century led hundreds of slaves to freedom. Said that she had a vision that allows it to safely avoid all hazards. She saw herself in advance and his players approaching the next trap and timely change the route.

5. Anticipation of an autistic child

I worked with autistic kid who used to talk about himself in the third person. Once, when I bathed him, he suddenly began to chant: "His mom goes, his mother goes ..."

I decided that her mother warned about his ward last night, gathered his belongings and waited that he was soon to come. When his mother came really soon, I told her that her son was happy is coming soon, to which the woman replied: "I did not say anything to him".

And she told me that was once behind the wheel and spoke with his son on the phone. Suddenly, he said that it was cautious "because of the deer." She did not pay much attention to it, but the speed is slowed down just in case. A minute later, the road ahead deer jumped out - about the place where it would have been if it had not slowed down.

6. nightmare come true

The most terrible dream in my life - this is where I saw my father die. In this dream, there was no picture. It consisted of emptiness and darkness. But the feeling of sleep was such ... horror.

I felt every fiber of my being that my father is no more. He never with me not to talk. How many of his plans will not be achieved, how many hopes come true ...

I started sobbing so loudly that he woke up. I was terrified. I was just shaking. I thought it was true that he was really dead. And then I heard him snoring through the wall. I finally realized that it was only a dream, and sighed with relief.

Two weeks later his father died.

7. The prophetic dream of Abraham Lincoln

A few days before his assassination, Abraham Lincoln slept on board the ship "River Queen". He dreamed that he was in the White House, where the funeral ceremony. Lincoln asked one of the guards, who is buried. "President" - he replied.

8. Strange sign, combining dream and reality

When I was in senior year, I dreamed of purple note is five dollars. On the front side was purple background, and on the back in the corner - a big purple figure 5.

I woke up and thought, "What an absurd dream, why money is such a strange color".

It took a few months, I worked part time as a cashier, and once in the store comes elderly woman and gave me five dollars. I noticed a light purple hue notes and my eyes widened. I turned and saw a large bill purple top five on the back.

9. Prophetic dream about the explosion "Challenger"

When I was little, I dreamed that I went out and saw a crowd of people. They looked up at the sky, showing a huge fireball and wept. No one explained to me what had happened, and I woke up and decided that it should be blown up any large comet.

After a couple of days, April 4, 1983, tragedy, "Challenger". Footage of the explosion, which was shown in the news, exactly in exactly coincide with what I saw in a dream.

10. "Terrible" vision

One day I had a vision regarding one of the close friends of our family.

I saw him in the water, face down. It was horrible and I tried to get rid of this picture out of my head. Then I visited a different vision - he was lying in bed, depressed and standing next to a wheelchair.

It was something very bright and strong, I've never experienced anything like it - neither before nor after. I told my mom about it, and I remember trying to convince her that our friend "will be something bad".

After 15 years, he accidentally drove into the water at the beach and broke his spine. He nearly drowned because he was paralyzed and could not immediately get out of the water. He is now confined to a wheelchair.

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