Welsh Terrier – a bright cocktail for active people

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Untrained eye can easily confuse the Welsh Terrier with the Airedale. Apparently these rocks are really very similar, as they have one ancestor – the old English Wirehaired Terrier. But the breed developed separately and at the time of its official recognition has gained a lot of differences. However, the Welsh Terrier has remained most similar to their ancestor.
The main use of the Welsh Terrier – hunting. And hunting is pretty universal. These dogs work well on land and on water. In ancient times they were used also for catching rats. Today, the Welsh Terrier can be at the service as a guard or dog. Did well this dog and as a companion, especially for families with children.
So, the Welsh Terrier is a small breed of dog, the height at the withers reaching up to 39 cm, with a weight of about 9 kg. Despite its small and compact size this Terrier is very complicated. It has strong bones and developed muscles. This also applies to limbs, which could be called massive. Paws while the little Welsh Terrier, a cat. The head of the dog is quite large and broad muzzle of medium length. Small dark eyes expressed intelligence and energy of the Terrier. small triangular ears set high and hanging down the front.
The dog's coat is of medium length, very thick, hard, wiry, preferably with undercoat. On the face of the long coat forms a beard, eyebrows, and legs – pants. Color is only possible in two versions: red with black or red with black and gray.
Character the Welsh Terrier – what he won the love of many families. Although simple it is not. For all its merits, this Terrier may be too independent. But it's just a trait of a hunter, who should be able to make independent decisions. This trait can manifest also some giddiness and neposlushnoe, especially when the gaps in education. The Welsh dog is very docile and curious. Devotion to the master – required quality, which can be checked by the judges at exhibitions. Welsh Terrier breed – totally devoted to its owner, loving and friendly dog.
Aggression these Terriers unusual. Although some owners confuse aggression with courage and hunting passion. Compared to other Terriers, the Welsh is quite calm. But when you Wake up hunting instincts, his blood boiling just as boiling many decades ago his ancestors. This, incidentally, is a reason not to leave pet outdoors unattended. That and look, that will run to hunt.
Training the Welsh Terrier will not be difficult for a person experienced, but can be overwhelming for a beginner. It's all in the vigor and independence of the dog. In order to tame those traits and get the pet to perform a host team, you will need a very steady hand and lots of patience. The regularity of workouts is extremely important.
The contents galsterer simple, although will require some time. It can live both in the apartment and in the yard of a private home. A nice aspect of the content of Terrier in the apartment is the lack of shedding in dogs. But this leads to additional grooming of the pet. In addition to frequent brushing, the dog should be regularly to be trilingual, removing dead hair. Careful control of your pet will also need a haircut.
These energetic Terriers will fit the leisure. They are very fond of playing with his master and his children. Although excessive physical load them to anything. This is quite healthy dogs. By the way they live to an average of 15 years.


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