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On our planet there are many places to get to are either difficult or absolutely impossible. And it is those places, the entrance to which is prohibited, especially intrigue and arouse great interest.

The website gathered the 10 secret places from around the world, which are impossible to get, even if you really want to.

Secret base of the Mormons, Utah, USA

At a depth of about 200 m under a Granite mountain, you'll store that was built by the Mormons. According to rumors, there are hidden relics, which they cherish. To get to this place can only the highest members of the Church. The location of this base makes it resistant even to nuclear explosion.

Svalbard global seed vault, Svalbard, Norway

In 2008 on the island of Spitsbergen was revealed to the world store of seeds. It houses 250 million seed samples from around the world. It was created in order for people to be able to restore lost in the event of a food crisis, as well as many other reasons. The island has no tectonic activity, besides it is situated at an altitude of 130 m above sea level, making it the perfect place to store seeds.

The island of Niihau, Hawaii, USA

All tend to think that Hawaii is a resort area. But on this small island of the Hawaiian archipelago is forbidden to enter. In 1863, Niihau was sold to a family of planters, access to it was closed in 1915. To get to the island is impossible today. The perimeter of Niihau is under the supervision of the coast guard to prevent the landing of intruders.

Data center HavenCo, Sealand

Date centre was opened in 2000 in the Principality of Sealand. Company HavenCo relied on the fact that being on this site, she will be able to circumvent the restrictions of the legislation Britain. In 2008, the data center was closed in 2013, however, its activity was resumed.

Bunker "Pionen", Stockholm, Sweden

Data centers of the provider Bahnhof is located in the cave at a depth of 30 m. the bunker was built in 1943 to protect against nuclear attack. Inside the building there are live plants that are green under the rays of fluorescent lighting. Also there are many artificial waterfalls and aquarium with a capacity of 2 600 L. Thus, the company has created inside the cave a favorable environment for the employees of the bunker-offices.

Prison ADX Florence, Colorado, USA

The unofficial name of this prison — "the Alcatraz of the Mountain". And christened her that name for a reason. Camera prisoners — this is one solid stone, even beds and sinks made from concrete. Inside there are plenty of laser traps, and the steel doors are controlled by the network. All guards of this prison authorized to shoot to kill if they suspect to escape.

Air force base Menvit hill, Yorkshire, UK

In 1954 this place was built to intercept signals during the cold war. On the basis of what happens now is unknown, but it is still the largest centre of electronic intelligence gathering around the world.

The base of rest "Green rose," Virginia, USA

It might seem like recreation can be in this list? The thing is that this place is actually the most protected area in the world, available only to employees of the U.S. government. On this recreation, you'll rescue a bunker in case of nuclear war.

Secret archives of the Vatican

It is believed that this is a closed library in the world. Since the VIII century, the archives contain all the documents of the popes. To get to these files, need to go through a very long process of obtaining access. In addition, such authorization may only get a scientist.

Parking In Bold Lane, Derbyshire, UK

This Park is one of the safest places on earth. Drivers are given a special barcode tickets that are synchronized with the Parking lot. In the pavement under the car is a motion sensor that triggers the alarm in case of movement without a host. The Parking lot has installed 190 surveillance cameras, which are controlled by the operators.

Area 51, Nevada, USA

Area 51 — place for the development of experimental aircraft and weapons systems. For the first time the name of the database used in the documents of the CIA during the Vietnam war. In addition to the limitations of ground access to the database is also limited and the airspace above it, which eliminates the possibility of any flights over that territory. The existence of the base was recognized with reluctance that made her the subject of many conspiracy theories.

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