9 normal things, the purpose of which is striking

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In everyday life we are surrounded by a lot of things. And sometimes they seem so familiar that we do not even think, why they are needed and appeared.

And here we are in Site decided to conduct a total literacy campaign and tell you about the unusual purpose of the most ordinary things.

The hole in the donut

Delicacy, without which rarely passes our ordinary day in the modern metropolis, for many hundreds of years.

And it is now bakers can create delicious cakes of all shapes and sizes. And before that it was difficult to make the edge and the middle of the cake was equally baked.That is why bakers came up with here is a form which not had any problems.


Frit is little black dots, symmetrically located on the edges of automotive glass. They represent the baked ceramic paint and perform several functions.

First, the Frit protects against UV rays the adhesive / sealant which holds the glass. And second, these black dots do less visible dirt, which often accumulates exactly at the edges of the glass.


It would seem that this subject should be only one purpose, which is reflected in the title. But all is not so simple.

They were invented in the far North to protect local residents from "shining snow". And special distribution points received in Ancient China the XII century judges who wore them to hide their real emotions from witnesses.

Fields in notebooks

Fields originally invented not for the fact that teachers left their angry comments.

The fact that early books and notebooks often damage the invasion of rats and mice who loved to chew on the edge of the paper. It is in order to keep rodents together with paper to eat an important piece of information, invented to make the pitch, who tried to intrude.

The dents on the Golf ball

The first Golf balls were completely smooth. But through endless trial and error, the fans of this noble sport realized that the best way to play the old, worn and eaten by cracking the ball. So golfers rarely bought new balls and years used the same.

Noting this trend, manufacturers of steel balls to produce specially "aged" balls with many holes.


This little piece of fabric can be seen on the back of many jackets and coats. Tabs first appeared several centuries ago on military uniforms. While overcoats have been doing just immense, and to avoid confusion in this garment, they needed "pritalen" using small pieces of fabric. Besides, the military could just detach the strap and to use a huge overcoat in the night as a blanket. Times have passed, traditions have changed, but the tabs still remain.

The hole in padlocks

Now padlocks are often used for gates in country houses, and because of the rain and bad weather, they are easily damaged.

Someone in this case just buy a new castle, but few know that in this castle there is a small hole. It was created in order to pour the engine oil. After this simple procedure, the key will once again turn in the lock without any difficulty.

Band on the plug of the headset

You probably noticed that the headphone plugs all have 3 stripes. Create them not for beauty. From each strip there is a wire to both speaker, and,if these bands were not, when connecting to the device the sound was coming only from one earphone.

GURT coin

Most likely, you didn't even think that the ribbed edges of a coin can be its name. But it is — it is the edge of the coin.

He appeared in the beginning of the XVI century. While scammers often cut down with coin layers of precious metals to create new coins. To combat these fakes and came up to put on the edge of a coin kind of pattern. Times have changed, but the edge remained.

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