10 rules for taxi drivers, which are not known to most passengers

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Recently, the use of mobile applications for taxi becomes even more profitable to buy their own car.

Site I decided to look for the various rules and tricks of drivers, who should know all the taxi passengers in order to avoid disputable situations.

10. The light is one, and the tube — mom

The slogan of many taksokompaniâmi is the phrase "We are important, not the speed of the driver and the safety of the passenger». But many unscrupulous taxi drivers in order to make a profit interpretiruya these rules as: "to Go on the longest road. Remember that the light is your friend, and tube — your mom." Therefore it is better to you to inform the driver of a convenient route.

9. The driver must not start the conversation first

Unspoken etiquette, a driver should not impose a conversation with the passenger. If the passenger himself spoke — then Yes, the conversation should be supported. But if you feel uncomfortable with the sudden outpouring of the soul of the taxi driver, you may politely withdraw from the conversation.

But in General, most people are very fond of talking with taxi drivers, especially, how to tell last, on the subject of monetary issues, new purchases and personal problems. But the policy of them, oddly enough, not interesting.

8. Drivers get fired for rating

4,6 — almost perfect rating on a 5-point scale. But the figure is perfect everywhere except the taxi apps.Driver with rating lower than 4.6, the system deactivates. So before you give a bad rating, ask yourself the question: do people deserve it? And treat evaluations seriously is not a social network, and human work.

7. You also have a rating

Perhaps for many will be a surprise, but the passengers also have their rating (we are talking about Uber). You can see it in the settings or ask the driver. If you, being a particularly violent passenger, now felt a surge of shame and suspicion, don't worry: this rating is particularly no effect, except that picky drivers (and there is almost no) will not take your orders.

6. The taxi driver knows your destination address

In mobile applications the destination client is requested immediately, but the driver sees this information only on arrival to the passenger. There was a case when in the US, people booked the car in Uber as much in another state. By the way, the trip came to him in 6 hours and $ 583. So if your driver is dissatisfied with the final stop, do not be surprised, as in the case of extraordinary route, better it alert.

5. Your phone number is also unknown

Despite the fact that the drivers of mobile applications can easily contact you, such as your phone number they have. Communication is done only through the General application system.

4. The minimum distance is the norm

You can get anywhere for 50 rubles? It would seem that the taxi driver is working at a loss with these routes, but actually in modern companies there is a minimum for the trip that the driver will be anyway: for example, drove in 50, and get 100. There is one thing: some taxi drivers like to lower the rating to a passenger when you think that he could go the same distance on foot.

3. The passengers are Western food

Rach (from the English persons approximately) is an international documentation of the designation of a passenger aboard the aircraft. Used mainly in the jargon of pilots and — attention! enthusiastic taxi drivers. So, among themselves they're not passengers, and paxow.

2. Not you're trapped driver, and the driver trapped in the system

Feature of taxi apps is that the system manipulates employees. For example, during exit the application POPs up a notification from the "You only have $ 15 to $ 300. Do you want to quit?". These messages exploit the behavioural pattern of people forcing them to work as much as possible for the sake of an invisible target.

Another feature of managers are signed by female names, and send messages quite informal, like "Hey, soon this place will end the match. Arrive?". What can I say — men on a subconscious level, lies the need to satisfy women's requests.

1. The taxi driver put the meter in advance

Some drivers cheat passengers: on arrival at the destination first include a counter (which is against the rules) and then call the client from what the client pays for the waiting time, which in the first 10 minutes shall not be counted.

Therefore, in any case, please go to the taxi in time: from the rules of etiquette and save his and others time. In a good way!

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