18 evidence that you should not believe the perfect photo in social networks

Fifty six million two hundred thirteen thousand three hundred six

In the desire to surprise and the envy of others many people do not know the steps. Such people use social media to showcase their "beautiful life." Sometimes goes quite curious.

The website has collected honest posts Internet users about how there are all these pictures from the category "the envy of all."

"At the stadium — the most vivid emotions"

"Purchased here your sliders from Gucci"

"All my all natural"

"Hanging out with my baby"

"My new swallow"

"New work for a serious company"

"Warmed up with the gentlemen in the Golf club"


"Admire the pier."

"I left the waiter a generous tip"

"I love it when my favorite store for me"

"Rushed to Europe so I need rest"

"Darling caught me sleeping"

"Like that at hand was cash"

"Did a gorgeous kitchen renovations"

"An unforgettable experience"

"Sped away in his car"

Instagram vs. the reality

Photos on the preview Jaye/twitter jmcg1995/instagram

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