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1. How does the turbulence?
Probably everyone is familiar words of the pilot, when he asks fasten your seat belts, because the possibility of entering the zone of high turbulence. Giving so much time in the air safety, we did not even bother to finally figure out how to still work this turbulence. Turbulence is so incomprehensible thing that even Einstein once said: "I want my death before anyone explain to me quantum physics. But after his death, I hope the Lord will tell me how the turbulence. "
The problem is compounded by the fact that for the study of the origin of this mysterious phenomenon need a special setup in which scientists must actually establish huge jet engine. This creates a very difficult, and even if possible, is not the fact that the artificial turbulence is the same as in nature.

2. Why do cats purr?
We have long realized that the cats do not always purr only when they are well. And this is not the main intrigue in this matter. The main question is how they do it, because they do not have a separate body to generate similar sounds and vibrations. That is, the exact origin of purring is still unknown.
Presumably, the cat purring sounds can be explained by the special structure and extension of the larynx, but no evidence of this is not. But what exactly the scientists were able to establish, is the fact that the frequency corresponds to the purr, which actively regenerate bone tissue and heal wounds. So perhaps it's their secret superpower is super nose sharks and super speed and cheetahs.

3. Why do we fall in a dream?
To begin to define what I mean. Everything passes through it. Here you go to sleep and already begin to "fly", you are no longer in control of their thoughts, and they begin to generate sleep and then bam ... Suddenly you dramatically "falls" and wake up. I do not know how to call this phenomenon ... For this phenomenon exists slozhnoperevodimoe phrase «hypnicjerk», but we're still stumped upremsya the question: "Why is it so?»
Answer of course, but there are several theories. For one, the body has developed such a reaction because we had to sleep in antiquity on the branches, rocks, or any other "convenient" heights. This happens precisely when people just fall asleep, in other words, the body is completely relaxed. That is a direct mechanism that saves us from falling from height during sleep. But man is not so often slept on the branches to develop a clear reflex. Other scientists believe that this is due to slowing down of all processes in the body, but then again, there is no evidence.

4. How does the magnet?
Magnetism - the most common in our universe. It is closely connected with electricity and chemistry. Charged particles under the influence of a magnetic field can move objects at a distance. Also, they "fall" into positively and negatively charged.
In the world there are decent, better to say "scientific" explanation of magnetism, and it all boils down to the phrase "it's such a wonderful thing, it has the properties of something, and we take it for granted." At the Technical University of Massachusetts is an entire lab dedicated to the study of only one single magnetism. We know what is happening, but have no idea how this happens. Particles create a specific charge (+ or -), but it is unclear why.

5. Why does the giraffe long neck.
Many believe that such a long part of the body gives it a certain advantage herbivores, and to all the will of God (in this case, blame evolution). But it is not because they eat some leaves and not at a certain height. That is, they do not have to climb high for food, sometimes they have to bend down and go long in that position. Strange, but the scientific world still have no explanation of their evolution.
There is a theory that the long neck was side effects in the marriage race. Females choose one who has a long neck, but today, this behavior is not observed for the giraffes. Another theory is that the neck had to develop because of the growth of the extremities to maintain the aspect ratio. But judging by the photo, giraffe spit on the theory of proportions and the wise men in glasses.

6. Why migratory birds.
We know that birds migrate south for oviposition and to survive the winter. But what we do not know - how they do it. Migration - one of the most mysterious puzzles in the animal world. And like anything complex, attach the sensor and sit to watch. But not all so simple.
For example, cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other birds, and then fly away on business. Growing up, young kukushata without any outside help fly away to their homes. Scientists believe that it is possible to explain the position of the stars or the magnetic field of the Earth, which they stored at birth. Then we can conclude that the birds have built camera, huge memory, in their little boxes and cranial perfect vision that already seems absurd.

7. What is gravity?
Newton - "gravitational pioneer" who discovered Gravity, more than 350 years ago. During this time, science has advanced far ahead, but the knowledge in this area is not very increased. What have you learned about gravity after a child told you about this phenomenon parents? At best, learned how to calculate its formula.
Gravity is very difficult to study because it pervasive. It not only keeps us on the Earth's surface, it is the glue for the entire universe. And she is so weak (weaker than electromagnetism in 10 ^ 40 times) that study it in the lab just pointless. But it is precisely because of her people and the cows do not fly.

8. How do we remember?
Do you know where you are kidneys or lungs? But even 100 years ago, people fall into a stupor at such matters. And now all bodybuilders know where and how the muscles and ligaments they are. But the most mysterious organs - the heart and brain. In the human brain is pretty good deal. We know where and what areas, and what they are responsible. We even know how neurons behave in individual cases, but we can not understand the process of acquisition and storage of memory.
For 100 years, we have found that the memory is definitely associated with neurons and processes taking place between them. Neurons, as it blots that are connected to each other to form a memory. So, some kind of magic ...

9. Why do women have menopause?
Menopause - a real challenge Mother Nature. Reproduction - a natural process in the animal world, which allows to retain the offspring. But human females lose this ability to forty-five years. And the scientific community has no idea why. From an evolutionary perspective, it is very impractical to lose forever the ability to reproduce.
One explanation is built around social consciousness: for women comes a time when it must pay attention to his grandchildren, not children. Thus, the nature forbids treat their grandchildren as children, and even more so to make new.

10. What is a dream?
And again, there have been many studies, experiments, tests, surveys, and there has been no results. It is considered that the dream - is the result lived day. But there is no evidence of this. How else to explain that in my sleep sometimes dreams long forgotten memories? For example, recently had a childhood friend that I had long forgotten. Even difficult to imagine that he ponabilos in my head? But I have not thought about it since the first grade.
Set theory, and all of them are popular and are difficult explanations. The only thing that converges Scientific Council, so it is that the dream - is a complex process in our brain are utilized when absolutely all areas. The rest - a mystery that I can explain only by magic! True, it is not popular today, and people need scientific proof ...

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