The most interesting and funny moments "straight line" with Vladimir Putin

Question: How do you feel about the awakening of Cthulhu?
Answer: In general, I'm suspicious to all sorts of otherworldly forces. If someone wants to turn to the true values, then it's better to read the Bible, the Talmud or the Koran. Will benefit more.

Q: Will the Russian Federation to use to defend its borders huge fighting humanoid robots.
A: Maybe, reach and robots. But without human intervention is impossible. The main thing - it is a border guard.

Q: Recently, we often see you, Vladimir Vladimirovich., Tigers, leopards and whales on TV and in photographs. In this company you look happier than with the ministers. It only seems that way, or the way it is?
Answer: In my opinion, Frederick the Great, one of the Prussian kings said: "The more I know people, the more I like dogs." But it has nothing to do with my relationship with any minister or with my friends, and colleagues. I just love all animals, I love animals. And I must say, just take this opportunity today his official position in order to solve some of the problems that face particularly acute.

Q: What do you think, for example, to the reform of the Russian language? Yogurt is used in food or in communication?
Answer: I do not drink yogurt or yogurt, kefir, I drink. But generally the case, of course, professionals.

Question: Do you miss the stupid questions?
Answer: This is a question by SMS. We have gathered to discuss serious problems, so I want to ask the author of this question: which category of issues he considers the question?

Question: Why our Old Man always insult? What he does - you all do not like!
Answer: nurse, dad - is what this is about?

Q: Why is it all sucks Sarapul?
Answer: I do not know, it is necessary to look at. This, I think, somewhere near Izhevsk. We work out Sarapul separately.

Question (asked 6-year-old girl Albina): Do you think you would have saved Obama, if you were drowning?
Answer: I would really like to see it with me did not happen. In general, the US president honest and brave man, and I think that he will be saved.

Question: "I have a car, I pay vehicle tax 4,000 rubles a year, and there is no way!»
A: Why do you need the car if there are no roads?

Question: Vladimir Vladimirovich, when we see the first lady of the country? & Quot; Thinking about half a minute, Vladimir Putin replied:
A: I first his ex-wife, Lyudmila Sannovnu married have to give, and then think about themselves.

Question: -This you?
Answer: - I! -
Q: Is it true you?
Q. - And before you were too, huh?
Answer: - And I used to be.
Question: - Oh, Lord, thank you very much for everything!


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