14 stories of those who have met the right person

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Love is a mysterious feeling that could erupt on our first date, and can fester for years, then to flare up a bright fire. But every relationship is that moment when you realize that this person is ready to live life.

The website overheard heartfelt stories about how people realized that these relationships are the same.

  • When I was 16, dad left us, we moved to another city and I moved to another school. I had stress from her parents ' divorce — I stopped talking altogether. When I moved to a new class, I liked one boy and wrote to him about his problem on a piece of paper. He's not bitter, got us in the literary circle, did everything that I came out of stress. And at 18 made me an offer and I said Yes. 5 years married, son 2 years, often singing with a guitar.
  • Favorite young man confessed his love. And immediately everything changed: I want to work, to do things I want, I want to travel, even to clean and wash dishes and what you want. And most importantly — to live. Really I want to live. To bite soft juicy peach so that the juice running down your cheeks. Like, it became clear why all of this. As if there was something valuable and important. So unusual.

  • My boyfriend lives 2,000 miles from me, 2 day drive. A week ago I wouldn't answer my calls and SMS (sleep). The next day the night to my apartment rang my husband. Was afraid that with me something happened.
  • Only recently I finally realized how much you loved me.
    My man hates to sew, but seeing as I got tired of working seven days a week, hemming my dress to a company party. So intently out from the strain the tongue and muttering something under his breath, like a real seamstress.
  • The girl snores like a drunken sailor. Always can't sleep. But somehow she went to mom's for a week — I realized that now I miss her snoring... Not enough sleep. On the weekends she went to her sleep though.

  • Girl, 21 years old. My entire adult life extremely lazy. With his parents always quarrel because of my laziness, never cooked and never cleaned, ever rose the wild cries and began with tears for home. A year ago, fell in love. And — voila — in the morning easily lifted, fluttering around the apartment, with good mood and music and delicious hot meals, house always clean, things washed and ironed. Parents are not overjoyed, I'm afraid to jinx it and quietly pray that I'm taken.
  • With the first guy broke up because after a shift at work didn't cook a 3-course dinner. From the second left a week before the wedding because not help his mother in the strawberry. He did not care that I have a terrible Allergy to this berry. Recently started to live together with a friend of his youth, the case for marriage. Sometimes they come after 10 PM from work. The house is clean, dinner is heated, it makes the tea. And no matter how lazy I was for him to cook for 3 meals and to go to her parents on the potatoes.
  • My normal temperature is very high, sweating palms. Always very shy, shame wanted to sink, when he said, "you Have too sweaty hands". But my guy at our first meeting said that, as mentioned in "Romeo and Juliet", hot and wet hands — a sign of sensuality and he likes a lot.

  • My husband sometimes talks in his sleep. Late one night reading a book in bed, spouse is already asleep, and I hear that he is with someone funny dialogue: "I love her very much. I wish everyone had a wife like mine. Only you don't even look at her!" However, fortunately I got married.
  • Afraid of spiders from the time when his stepfather was locked in the basement and on the walls, and I crawled this stuff. Friends and girl jiving on this subject, and the very hated, so I wanted to be treated, but did not succeed. Infuriated until then, until he started to date other people, and confessed to a phobia. As a result, now it catches spiders that I sometimes see on the walls, and soothes me, and I think where to hide the ring that is not found ahead of time.
  • I tetralogy: I love the office paper in all its manifestations, but the greatest passion I have for the notebooks in a cage on the clip and be sure with 48 sheets. Must be a perfect design inside and outside. Each time choosing a new favorite, I count it leaves, as I'm scared she's not "virgin". Doing this I caught my girl had to explain everything, to which she calmly replied that she loves pencils. In the end, we stuck in a bookshop for half an hour. Love her. And notebooks.

  • Sitting on a diet. The house, except for rice, there's nothing left. At midnight, called the beloved (separated now) and said that dying of hunger, can't sleep. He coldly replied that he's at work tomorrow to get up early that can't speak. And 30 minutes later brought me a piece of cake, sandwiches and scolded over diet.
  • I'm obsessed with spelling and grammar. Once I got into an argument with some guy writing like a textbook of the Russian language in my life seen. It turned out that he, like me, is obsessed, but only in math. Long each other in every way insulted, taunted on the subject. In the end, we came to an agreement that we will work on each other, I — in Russian literature, he took in physics and mathematics. Well, the way it was tightened. Together the fourth year, recently made an offer. A wedding soon.
  • I have jet black hair and very pale skin, if brightly painted eyes, I look like a real witch. Riding the subway, an old lady comes, looks at me and starts to be baptized. Decided to pin, began to pretend to conjure, and began to do magic of hand movements. The kid sitting next to, got me there and began to shake, roll his eyes, saying that he feels that something possesses, the grandmother in shock, I could hardly contain the laughter, the people in the car choke with laughter. At my station the guy followed me. Have been married for 5 years, at the wedding, the first toast was for superstitious old ladies in the subway!

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