The solution to any life problems! Effective method from Kathleen Byron.

Sometimes each of us comes a time when you really need to find a way out of the situation or to solve a vital problem. And we do not always know the answers to many questions... In these moments we are most in need of help or hint.

Recently, being in that finding the right solution, I stumbled upon a book Katie Byron, and I was just struck by her story.

Mother of three children and a real estate broker, Byron kaitlyn, after thirty years, began to suffer from severe depression. For almost ten years she continued to experience paranoia, anger, disgust yourself. Her obsession was plagued by thoughts of suicide.

One morning while in rehab, Katie woke up and realized that all suffering originates from faith in our own thoughts. Katie believes that her experience is similar to that under various names was described in Buddhist and Hindu literature. She calls it "awakening to reality".

How to change your life for loosemoose of this realization, Byron Katie began to lead a completely different lifestyle and invented a surprising and quite effective tool to solve any life problems. Soon she has written several books that became international bestsellers.

Eckhart Tolle once said, "the Work of Byron Katie is a great blessing for our planet", and Time magazine named Katie, a spiritual innovator for the new Millennium.

The editors of the"Site" chosen for you 29 wise sayings Katie Byron, after reading that you begin to delve deeper into life.

  1. The study reveals the world that is kinder than we could imagine.
  2. I am the source of your pain, completely whole.
  3. When you realize that you get everything you need, life becomes a Paradise!

  4. You suffer only from the belief that your life lacks something. In reality, a person always has everything need.
  5. Sometimes to be happy means to be wrong.
  6. Thoughts... They are my children. And I'm a good mother. Be a mother your thoughts! Be the mother of the children in your head!

  7. There is no such thing as a bad fate. Check this study!
  8. Ad: "Help will be here any minute." Freedom: "no One will come."
  9. When you believe that your problem is caused by someone or something else, you become your own victim.

  10. When you fear something in the future, you're living what you don't want to see in it.
  11. The children tell us the truth. Depends on you, if you have enough courage to hear it.
  12. No issues in the void.

  13. The only defense that ever could exist, is the sanity, the mind that is fully connected with reality.
  14. There's nothing that can't be forgiven. Your true nature is love. There is nothing you can do with it.
  15. Life is love. Everything else is imagined confusion.

  16. People are only afraid of what they don't understand.
  17. No way to convince everyone. There is no one who would need convincing.
  18. Everything you think about other people, is you.

  19. Frustration, anger, sadness — these feelings inform you that it is time to Wake up. It is for this feelings exist is a gift! They are not enemies. Like thoughts, they are a gift — they are not enemies.
  20. In addition to his thoughts, you don't meet. The external world is a projection of the inner life.
  21. Stress is an alarm that says you're tied to something that is not true for you.

  22. People tell others only what they themselves need to hear.
  23. The prison exists only in the mind — no other there is no prison!
  24. Money is a wonderful metaphor. Money is flowing from one place to another, through different countries, phone systems and wires. Money show you how your thinking should be: how it can flow, it can be without obstacles and can have many forms. Money show you how easy it is all the time appear and disappear. They are a great teacher! If you'd move the same way as money, you would be in love with what is.

  25. Think you know what's best for the other person, it means to do their own work!
  26. Note: you think or you think?
  27. Want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.

  28. Want to know the secret of happiness? Welcome and gratitude. Nothing more is required!
  29. Changing your consciousness, you change the world!


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