I recently realized why women live longer than men...

Thirty five million three hundred ninety six thousand nine hundred eighty five

My husband the apartment is on the third floor. Under the balcony, dense thickets of grass. Once I washed the window, accidentally stumbled and fell. To be honest, even fear did not have time to feel. The landing was quite soft. She stood up, looked around and went back.

While I washed the Windows, my husband decided to fix the lock on the front door. Saw me and went pale. Made several attempts to find out, as I brushed by him on the street. But the interesting thing started when I explained it to him.

Summary of history: I have a few bruises, a badly bruised hand. From beloved wife fainting, a concussion, gray hair and several days in the hospital.

Not difficult to guess who is who sobaski wore...

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