The woman ignored sharp headache and 2 days later died... the Neurosurgeon explained the reason!

In our time frequent headache — the problem is not only the elderly, but also young adults. Stress, frequent changes in the weather, a lot of time behind the monitor, poor blood circulation are just some of the reasons. But the pain is different, so you should always contact a doctor.

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Here aneurysm of vessels of a brain often accompanied by a headache, and if it is ignored, the consequences will be dire. What is this disease and how to identify, tell you edition «Site».

Symptoms of brain maganetism is a weakened spot in the walls of blood vessels, which can lead to their protrusion. Most often it appears in the aorta, but not always. This disease is very tricky, because it is very it is difficult to distinguish from regular headaches or migraines. Only if the aneurysm occurs very often, it is possible to feel very strong pain. But often, people think that this is a common migraine and not paying attention.

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As he waved his hand at the pain in his head, a woman from North Carolina is 41-year-old Lee Broadway. She thought it was a regular migraine, but when she felt a strong spasm in the head, then it was too late. Yes, she went to the doctor on the same day, and she was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. She died 2 days later.

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Neurosurgeons allocate such main symptoms of this disease. Pay attention to them. If you have at least one from the list, then urgently go to the doctor, then to not be late.

  1. Numbness in the face.
  2. Noise in the ears, which resembles the shots.
  3. Sharp stabbing pain above or behind one eye.
  4. Faint.
  5. Stiff neck
  6. Feeling nausea and urge to vomit, dizziness.
  7. Excessive and sudden sensitivity to light.
  8. Painful headache that is different from the one you felt earlier.
  9. Sudden drooping eyelids.

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