10 women's pieces that make a man obsessed

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American writer Ellen FEIN and Sherrie Schneider have become globally popular due to his best seller "Secrets of a successful relationship for modern girls". They say that their tips have helped many famous women to be happy wives equally famous men.

Site chose the most interesting of the "New rules", which were a continuation of the first book. So, here are a few women tricks of online communication, which keep a man hooked.

1. Don't need the headlong rush to the phone in time to catch all of his calls. Well, I think, was busy

2. All the TEXTS come from a new acquaintance, it is better to respond briefly

3. Should wait at least a couple of hours before responding to the first SMS men. In further correspondence with him should not take more than 20 minutes a day

4. No need to reply to messages like "What are you doing in five minutes?"it is better to ignore

5. Let the guys keep guessing what you're doing, with whom, where and when... don't be an open book in social networks

6. SMS and any other messages after midnight is taboo in 90% of cases. Serious girls after 12 sleep, even if it is not

7. Stay away from his social media profiles and rarely write on his wall

8. Pay for correspondence is not more than 20 minutes a day. He finds the time to meet in person

9. Emoticons — a great thing for girlfriends, but don't often use them in conversation with men, it is a sign of incontinence

10. It is clear that I want to be with him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But no need to be an easy prey, because men love a challenge

Do not overdo it with rules, they are already quite strict. Use wisely.

Illustrator Yekaterina Ragozina especially for Site

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