Tips from 1938 how to behave on a first date girl

British newspaper the Daily Mail published a small book, released in 1938, with tips on how to behave on a first date a nice girl.

1. Dress in the boudoir, not in the presence of men. Be ready to leave at that time, to which you agreed.

2. Men are not too attracted to women who borrow handkerchiefs and leave stains from lipstick. Apply makeup, when no one sees you.

3. Don't be sentimental and don't try to play on men's emotions. Men don't like tears, especially in a public place.

4. Not attract the attention of other men, even if you accidentally overdo it with the liquor. Otherwise your first date may be the last.

5. Don't talk to a man while dancing. If he invited you, then wants to dance, not to talk.

6. Never sit in a cheeky pose, as if spreading out on the sofa, and look at him with lackluster eyes, even if you are really bored.Sit as if you are at any moment ready to stand up, close your mouth, listen to the man in silence.

7. Rear view mirror in the car is designed not for the fact that you were putting on makeup. It is necessary to provide the driver a view of the road.

8. Don't fraternize with the waiter when making the order.The man deserves your attention belonged to him completely.

9. If you have a large bust, wear a bra. And do not tighten your corset too tight.

10. Don't act familiar to people. Don't make their relationship a show is a sign of bad taste. Do not enter the man in confusion and never insult him publicly.


11. Don't talk to a man about clothes or try to describe to him her new dress. Discuss what he is willing to discuss.

12.Some girls are getting smarter from alcohol, but it's better to keep silent...

13. And don't drink too much, otherwise the man may think that all your nights you spend in the arms of a bottle. published


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