I threw away the package of gelatin! Now use a much better...

Jelly, jelly, jelly, marmalade, jam here is a partial list of dishes prepared using a variety generousi substances. Many Housewives for years to use gelatin of animal origin, not even knowing that you can achieve the best gelling effect, using plant matter! Our editors will tell you what to replace gelatin.

Gelling вещества

  1. Agar-agar
    Agar-agar — generouse a substance that is extracted from red and brown algae. It is a vegetable substitute for gelatin familiar to us. When combined with water, the agar-agar forms a dense jelly. By purchasing this product, it is important to consider the factor that the agar-agar comes in two varieties: Supreme (white or pale yellow) and the first (dark yellow or brown). Unlike gelatin, this substance has more effective produced effect. The only downside is the product you need to pre-soak for the night. The best grade of agar-agar is considered to be Chinese. Just imagine, it forms a jelly at a dilution of 1 part of substance in 300 parts of water!

  2. Pectin
    Pectin is a binder, which is extracted from apples, citrus peel, baskets sunflower and sugar beet pulp sugar beet. At home you can prepare fruit jam or marmalade with added pectin. To do this, mix a small amount of sugar with pectin (5 g pectin per 1 kg of fruit) and add the mixture into the boiling jam.
    At the end of cooking the jam, you need to add a little citric acid. Pectin begins to act like a gelatin and, after complete cooling

  3. Irish moss
    Its gelling effect is not inferior to agar-agar! For the preparation of 200 grams of jelly you will need 30 grams of carrageen (another product name). Before using, soak Irish moss in water for swelling, then boil 10 minutes and strain.

  4. Kudzu
    Kudzu is a product that is used most often in Japan. For cooking stringy the sauce you will need a 1.5 tablespoons of substance 1 into the Cup of liquid. To prepare the jelly, you must add 2 tablespoons of kudzu.

  5. Guar gum
    This substance has a powerful effect is produced: in 6 times stronger than gelatin! The main rule that must be respected by all fans of this product: add guar gum need separately into the dry ingredients and separate in liquid. The only way you will get a jelly product without a single lump!

We hope our tips will be useful to you. Find out also how to make homemade jelly in LEGO form!

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