Don't throw away old curtains! Immediately dip them in green paint...

Experienced Housewives know that nothing lasts forever, and the pure white tulle including... to Acquire new it's never too late, but try to return the favorite curtains continue the freshness it's worth! Fortunately, there are effective method of getting rid of such a delicate piece of furniture from dirty-yellow spots. All you need is an ordinary green paint! No, you do not have heard.

Today the editors of "Site" be divided, at first glance, a stunning Board, which will help restore the pristine white curtains.

How to whiten your homeWhitening curtains with green stuff — rather laborious process, but the effort is definitely. Tulle is fresh and incredibly pure white.

  1. Before you start whitening, tulle should be thoroughly washed. To do this, soak the lace in warm water for two hours, and then thoroughly wash. To wash may hands and in the washing machine.

  2. Dump the dirty water in the basin and soak the tulle for 2 hours in water with addition of washing powder. After rinse the tulle and rather start whitening!
  3. In a basin with warm water add 3 tbsp ordinary salt.
  4. Next, you need to dissolve the brilliant green in such a way as to avoid unnecessary green stains on your favorite curtains. 10-15 drops of brilliant green dissolve in a glass of water. Mix it well to avoid sediment. Leave the mixture for a few minutes and mix again.

  5. Making sure that sediment on bottom of glass no, pour the mixture into the bowl of salt water. Put the tulle in a bowl of water for 2-3 minutes, constantly turning the cloth.
  6. After keeping the tulle in this solution it must be a good rinse and wring out, without twisting. Hang the tulle, allowing the water to drain. You will see that the curtain of steel like new! Fresh, clean, white...

To yellowed curtains do not spoil the cozy atmosphere of the home nest, be sure to use our advice. You'll love it! Do not forget to share this useful article with your friends.

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