Sewed curtains for the kitchen, and now can't stop me. Simple detail transforms the entire house!

Textile window decoration so a difficult question, I don't even know how to approach him. It is necessary to choose the color, pattern, fabric, choose a style, buy the right number of dollars to pay for tailoring, hang... and even managed not to spend all this fortune.

Forty nine million three hundred fifty two thousand six hundred thirty eight

Seven million nine hundred twenty two thousand nine hundred twenty three

If you want to decorate the window elegant the original curtains then sew them yourself, and how to do it, you tell the editors «Site». The main determine with fabric color and texture.

How to sew storytube need
  • fabric
  • threads
  • pins
  • pencil or chalk
  • tape measure or measuring tape
  • ribbon-braid
  • scissors
  • beads, lace and other decorations on request

Progress of work
  1. The most important thing is to make correct measurements of the window. Next, define the length and by style curtains. Bear in mind the fact that the blind is mounted on the cornice above the window, so customize another 20-25 centimeters. Also, the curtains is still a part of the wall on the sides. Therefore, the width needed on each side to add at least another 25 centimeters. Of course, don't forget to add 2-3 inches on each side for edge processing. This direct measurements for curtains. If there's drapery, it is necessary to take into account this fact.
    Ninety million six hundred thirty nine thousand one hundred seventy six

  2. Now get to the pattern. Sew simple curtains can draw the fine immediately on the wrong side of the fabric. Exactly cut off the necessary part and protoge.
    Thirty nine million five hundred eighty one thousand ninety eight

  3. Each lateral edge of the curtain bend the fabric on the wrong side of the 2 times, first at 1 cm, then 2 cm Ottogi and prostrate on the machine close to the inner fold lines.
    Thirty six million seven hundred two thousand four hundred ninety nine

  4. Cut a piece of ribbon equal to the width of curtains, add a seam allowance of 2.5 cm from each edge. On the reverse side hold the braid in the center along the top edge of the curtain and pin it with pins, departing from the fold 1 centimeter. Then use thumbtacks bottom edge of the braid. Pull the ends of the cords on the front side of the tape and not cut it out. Break a braid inward by 2.5 cm. To avoid wrinkling, do the seams on the top and bottom edge of the ribbon in one direction. Then ask her laterally, without affecting the free ends of the cords from the front side.
    Fifty four million six hundred thirty eight thousand fifty two

  5. Instead of tapes, you can sew loops of fabric. So even more stylish.
    Thirty one million two hundred eighty four thousand five hundred ninety six

  6. Use different items for decoration: buttons, beads, belts, fabric flowers…
    Thirty three million nine hundred thirty six thousand three hundred forty three

  7. Also we offer to your attention some interesting curtain patterns. You have to fit your dimensions.
    Sixteen million three hundred ninety five thousand nine hundred fifty one

    Ninety two million seven hundred five thousand nine hundred nine

    Nine million three hundred seventy six thousand six hundred thirty nine

A few ideas for inspiration
  1. Well suited for summer.
    Five million nine hundred sixty three thousand three hundred thirty one

  2. An interesting option for the kitchen.
    Eighteen million three hundred fifty one thousand seven hundred forty four

  3. Do not rush to throw away old curtains. They can be shortened, thereby to give the room a completely different look.
    Six million eight hundred twenty five thousand fifty four

  4. Unusual solution.
    Thirty five million five hundred thirty one thousand seven hundred forty three

  5. A good option for the living room.
    Forty three million eight hundred thirty one thousand thirty

  6. Perfect combination.
    Two million three hundred seven thousand six hundred eighty one

  7. So fresh!
    Seventy eight million three hundred forty six thousand eight hundred forty three

  8. Very rich looks.
    Twenty three million three hundred six thousand forty three

  9. Simple straight curtains, but harmonious combination of colors immediately made the room more stylish and cozy.
    Thirteen million eight hundred fifty six thousand four hundred thirty

It's so nice to decorate the house with products made with their hands. Do not forget to share interesting ideas with their friends in social networks!

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