How to save electricity? Tips that will save money in your wallet!

In our difficult time, the problem payment of utilities significantly affects the budget of every family. Often most of the cost is electricity bills. As well significantly to reduce the power consumption not chasing every family member asking to turn off the light? Edition «Site» hurry to share with our favorite readers of worldly wisdom!

How to save электроэнергию

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  1. TV
    Less consume electricity modern plasma and LCD televisions. This fact applies to computer monitors. If you leave a 17 inch CRT TV is on, it wound up to 190 kWh of electricity. Model new TV has a save mode, which saves up to 130-135 kW/h per year.
    Thirty million eighty seven thousand three hundred forty one

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  2. Computer
    Computers today also include a special mode save. Should activate it, if it is not activated automatically. After this procedure, the amount of consumed energy must be reduced by 50 %.
    Sixty eight million thirty nine thousand four hundred eighty six

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  3. Hoover
    This device is also capable of conserving electricity in the house. To achieve this effect, enough time to clear the dust bag and replace filters for air purification.
    Thirty million two hundred eighty four thousand three hundred sixty seven

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  4. Mobile phone
    Not everyone knows about that left in the socket the charger consumes energy even after you turn off the phone. If the charge stays in the socket, up to 95% of the energy consumed goes nowhere.
    Eight million eight hundred fourteen thousand two hundred ninety seven

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  5. Electric stove
    When using tableware that doesn't match the dimensions of burners of the electric stove loses up to 10 % of the electricity. For the qualitative use of energy resources should be selected pans, casseroles, frying pans and kettles with the bottom right of the form, which is equal to the diameter of the heating surface. Also you should always cover the pan with a lid when cooking soups. This will allow you to save up to 20 % of electricity.
    Thirty eight million ninety four thousand eighty one

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  6. Washing machine
    A washing machine is capable of a waste of energy in two cases: exceeding the maximum load of linen or incomplete download. In the first case the waste of energy will reach 10-15 %, and the second to 30 %.
    Thirteen million twenty three thousand seven hundred thirty two

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  7. Refrigerator
    Fridge should be in a cool place away from devices that radiate heat. If the temperature in the room where the refrigerator is 30 degrees, the power consumption increases by 100 %.
    Ninety five million four hundred twenty four thousand six hundred twenty seven

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And you save the energy consumption in the house? Don't forget to share your tricks in the comments!

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