Exercise "Balance": remove muscular armor!

The grace of a catIs a simple and very effective exercise, body-oriented therapy has two goals:

  • diagnostics, coupled with the demonstration of the presence of muscle clamps and blocks of muscular armor.
  • curative, remedial, therapeutic.

If we pursue the first objective, then this exercise is body-oriented therapy is performed as the test only once. If our goal is to adjust the state — the exercise is done many times until, until there was no improvement. And it will come — no doubt!

In order to perform this exercise body-oriented therapy you will need two items:

  • Chair ordinary
  • Scales (Scales must be MECHANICAL, not electronic)
The order of performance of exercises of body-oriented therapy:

1. Weigh on the scales and find out your weight.

2. Now sit down on a chair in this way: right on the edge of a chair, feet on the scales, legs, bent at the right angle, of course, no shoes.

3. Let's see what you weigh some of Your feet. Their weight average is always equal to from 10 to 20 percent of the total body weight. If You sit incorrectly.

4. Without hands, slowly stand up from the chair on the scale (You remember — our feet from the start stand on the scales).

Monitor the readings of the balance. (Or ask to do it buddy)

What usually happens when you perform this exercise, body-oriented therapy?

At the time of an ordinary person getting up arrow jumps up a ton (just kidding). This is an indication that our body is put in a terrible muscular armor. The normal distribution of energy through the body, this should not happen.


Usually arrow jumps so that Your weight exceeds the actual weight of only 15-20 kg. This suggests that You — the usual neurotic, which many muscle clamps You have — there are flamenco will You dance.

But anxiety you need to beat when weight when standing up exceeds the actual 30-40 pounds! Sometimes it happens, and happens often.

Body-oriented therapists even compute the kind of efficiency man.To do this, they share his real weight to the one that showed the scales while getting up from a chair without using your hands.

Exercise the body-oriented therapy as capoterapia

Do this exercise in body-oriented therapy at home and at work (if the work is such that allows for such exercise). Your task — to achieve such lightness and naturalisti in the body, so You do not waste extra effort when standing up. Then and only then Your weight when getting up from a chair will be approximately equal to the weight of the real.

So coveted is acquired by mankind "grace cat", which, if jumping on the neck with the height of the refrigerator, if this does not break our neck. You can not say about us, we intended to jump on a good friend, looking nice and suddenly it hit. published


Author: Yuriy Boyko

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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