Open method for the production of non-flammable graphene

Scientists from the University of Arkansas handled a problem that prevented mass production of graphene. Despite its incredible properties, this material has a big disadvantage — it burns well. The researchers were able to fix it.

A team of scientists under the leadership of Ryan Tiana used metal ions with three or more positive charges to bind the flakes of graphene oxide in an almost transparent membrane. This new form of graphene sheets proved to be not only incombustible, but also durable, flexible and non-toxic.

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Further testing of the material showed that its mixing with transition or rare earth metals adds to the incombustible graphene previously absent of semiconductor, magnetic and optical properties. But the thing that reduced the danger of its mass production. The method has already received a patent.

Graphene is particularly interested in the last 10 years. A two-dimensional material with a thickness of only one atom has attracted scientists in their mechanical strength and incredible conductivity. During this time they continuously tried to use graphene in various fields. Now it allows to create thin and flexible displays. With his help, learned how to desalinate and filter water. Devices from graphene can return deaf the ability to hear and speak. And the addition of graphene electrodes in batteries increases their capacity by 3000%.

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But researchers have always faced problems of production of graphene. And not only that graphene flammable. Only recently, news about how its commercial production. Previously, all confined to a very small extent. Now graphene learned to make in a microwave. published  


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