Created the world's first full-sized bilateral IBC-solar module

A group of scientists from the Research Institute for solar energy Singapore (SERIS), National University of Singapore and the International research center of solar energy Konstanz in Germany, has embodied his idea to life by developing and manufacturing the world's first full-sized bilateral IBC-solar module (interdigitated back contact). Innovative module can operate longer and generate more power than conventional solar panels.

With the new bilateral solar module energy production in the near future might be more effective. Revolutionary solar panel can absorb the light like pointing towards the sun plane and the bottom surface. The prototype was developed on the basis of bilateral solar cells, ZEBRA IBC, the effectiveness of which reaches 22%. According to General Director of the Research Institute for solar energy Singapore Armin Aberle, these IBC solar cells known for their reliability and durability.

Double insulating glass covering the module, extends the warranty period of usage, compared to most of the solar modules, it may be 30 years or more. Solar panel with bilateral working surface can produce 30% more energy.

Cluster Director of PV modules at SERIS Wang Yan excited about the new product: "With the new design modules developed by SERIS, panels with a capacity of 350 W on the upper side can be manufactured using 60 IBC solar cells, printed using screen printing, their efficiency is 23%. Given the additional 20% capacity generated by the transparent lower surface, each 60-cell bilateral IBC-solar module will produce in fact, a staggering 400 watts of energy."

Revolutionary solar module will be shown at the event, International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition which will be held from 19 to 21 April in Shanghai, China.

Armin Aberle noted that "the next step is to transfer technology to industrial partners and the product can be on the market in about two years." published


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