15 pictures of grandparents turned out better than we could imagine

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Often in daily Affairs we forget once again to visit grandparents. And in vain, because time with them is also fun and exciting.

Site gathered convincing evidence that grandma and grandpa to their grandchildren can become real friends, and age is only a number.

Best air conditioning blowing here. Bingo! Now sweets for the grandchildren for sure will not melt

This grandmother granddaughter baking cupcakes with a love that was unable to stop in time

"The party is just beginning: my grandpa tries the first glass of "Bellini“»

"We are a team!": The 90-year-old Anna beat cancer thanks to PEP and family

The years go by, things change, but not their love for grandchildren

This grandpa knows the day will come — and the grandchild will bring him to the stadium to support their club

The continuity of generations: it seems that men of any age refuses the bottle

Grandma was not afraid to get my first tattoo in 70 years — to again emphasize the love of granddaughter

Grandmother supports you in all things and share your interests — all in order to be near

Grandparents will leave grandchildren is in trouble and will protect them from everything, even from the monsters under the bed 821ddfa3bf.jpg

And when we grow up, are themselves unable to protect them and to take care of 71c72f33d4.jpg

Grandpa couldn't make it to the wedding, but for the granddaughter it was important to get his blessing

"I think my grandfather on his mom's understands the phrase "don't forget to give the baby a bottle“»

Grandma can shut you up for a belt and to inspire urgent to go to the gym

For grandparents we are the center of life. All they need in return is a little of our attention

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