9 reasons why good grades are often cut off the path to a happy life

There are many examples of how to be successful honors those who are not particularly distinguished abilities in school or University. Why is it happening that school lazy later occupy the chair of the heads, and medal winners are their subordinates?

On the website of Observer magazine the psychologist Benjamin hardy published an article about why the Trinity is life after graduation better than the excellent students and horoshist.

They were not born yesterday and not buying into the laws of the education system and its factory-like approach. They are able to assess the benefits of the system, but not worship her and see her multiple flaws. They also understand that knowledge is no longer obtained exclusively within the walls of educational institutions and the learning process can be built in different ways.

The Trinity is not afraid to challenge the existing order of things. And, even if it promises them some inconvenience, much more damage can bring traffic to flow in apparently the wrong direction.

They think of themselves and not wander behind the "fence" restrictions and dogmas without asking questions about why these restrictions exist. Instead of living someone else's mind, Trinity can build their own coordinate system and priorities.

They don't waste their energy trying to impress the teachers. They respect and love their teachers, but do not adore and do not regard them as guardians at the gates of future success. Trinity understands that in today's world the result of their work will speak for itself: — in the end, there is the Internet, where these results will be available to everyone.

Movers and horoshist looking for the security of good grades. While the students know that the feeling of confidence is achieved by trial and error. They know themselves and not really on your account are wrong. No external standard of success does not compare with their awareness and ability to understand its capabilities.

While the student is trying to do everything yourself,the Trinity gathers an army of capable people, which in the case will be able to compensate for his weaknesses. He's not afraid to admit that there are things he doesn't know.

The students love to learn. They just prefer to choose for themselves the direction of their learning: they don't want it someone told how to think.They prefer to research and study what they have a natural predisposition. They are not trying to overcome the insurmountable and memorize them — instead, they are given the fact that like in the first place.

"If you are not ashamed of the first version of your product, you launched too late," said Reid Hoffman. The case, brought to an end, better endless improvement process. The students understand this and live peacefully with it. Their actions are directed at the result. They know that perfectionism leads to waste of time. They prefer to take risks and learn from their mistakes. This is the reason why most successful entrepreneurs are not in school, and even at all were excluded. But failure is also a great teacher.

The value of energy that is spent to get from a-minus to a solid five, disproportionately more than the value of the volume of the obtained knowledge. Trinity never spend more energy than they need to comprehend certain things. They are efficient and rational.

While the best students are listening with bated breath what will happen in the upcoming test or the next exam, the students stare out the window at the clouds and beautiful scenery. They have received my MED from the lesson. Consequently,they release a few hours each day to dream about a better world. They think about the accomplishments that they have in life, make plans and solve their immediate problems.

According to the materials of the observer

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