11 a safe bet for those who love to bet

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Friday evening meeting with friends invariably there comes a point when someone excitedly exclaims: "And argue?!". If you then usually are losers, then this collection is for you.

AdMe.EN collection of the most fascinating and at the same time simple to implement tricks that will help you become the king of bet.

To get the note from under an inverted bottle without touching the last

Put the banknote on the table. Better to take a bill larger and to argue on it. Then put the empty bottle at the note upside down. Invite a friend to release the bill from under a bottle without touching and otherwise working on the vessel.

Your friend doesn't work out, you can not say about you: just pull the bill, at the same time small and often tap on the surface beside her.

To make the egg stand

Argue with your friends that will make an egg stand vertically on the table. After each of them try to do it myself and break a couple of pieces of "props", take a small handful of salt and sprinkle on the table. Now proudly set up on a salt egg. Voila!

To move a ball to a glass without touching it

On the table is a glass and glass. Take a small glass ball and have the other bet: you move the ball to a glass without touching it.

The secret is simple: cover the bulb with a glass and a quick spiral motion raise. Don't worry, you will succeed.

Disappearing coin

A dispute with a hint of cheating. Show the other two cups so that he saw at the bottom of the glasses is lying on the coin. Then fill one glass with water — the coin will remain at the bottom. Fill the second and you will see how to dilate the eyes of your friend that the coin has disappeared.

The trick is simple: the second coin you put into a glass, and under it.

To get bill to stay in place after moving the glass

Put the two cups on the table upside-down. Put on top of them bill. Make a bet with a friend: bill takes away the one who will be able not to drop her after one of the glasses moves.

All you need to win is a coin: wrap it in a banknote from the edge, which will remain on the glass.

Not to drop the coin

You take the glass. Put the playing card so that one edge is strongly advocated. Argue with friends that can put on the edge of the coin and it will not fall.

After vain attempts to do it, calmly just pour in a glass of water to the brim. Now the coin will remain in place.

Make a paper clip float

Put in the center of your company a bowl of water. Remove from the pocket two iron staples, and invite friends to make it so that the clip is drowned in water. Of course, this will not succeed.

Except you. Vignette one of the staples at an angle of 90 °, put it on a second. Down on water and in the water clean bottom bent paper clip. Ready!

To get bill, not dropping a match

Pitch the following construction: put on the table two cups bottom to bottom. Under one of the glasses put note. Between them approximately 1/2 the height of the glass, place a match. Bill take someone who could get it without dropping a match. Sounds unrealistic, right?

But it's simple: light a match and extinguish it.

Flip the water-filled glass without spilling a drop

Already sounds fantastic. And even your friends are unlikely to try.

But in vain: it is enough just to firmly attach a sheet of paper to the glass and flip.

To raise a glass with the help of a balloon

The main issue here will be to find the bar a balloon. But we think that in the heat of passion you can get anything. Moreover, the watch attempts friends who will probably smash a couple glasses, really fun.

When they're done, light a match and drop to the bottom of the glass. Attach to the neck of the glass balloon and lift design.

Cut the lime cigarette

Most likely, this call to your friends sounds like you go for broke or even went mad. After all, it would seem that the cigarette is not a sharp object. However, to cut the fruit — quite feasible task.

Ignite the filter of a cigarette and extinguish it, giving the filter the acute form. Then sharp movement of a hand cut lime.

An important caveat of Course, your friends can contrive to win some bet in other ways. To avoid this, it is better to offer a list of items among which will be a masked one, and set the condition that nothing more can not be used. So you finally knock opponents confused and will be able to be sure that everything will go according to your plan.

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