10 of the most famous in the history of betting (9 photos)

Perhaps, it is easy to find a gentleman to do than to bet. No wonder the British considered the main amateurs and virtuosos of the case. However, funny, resourceful and impressive Bet from ancient times all over the world, what you have the opportunity to see.

1. Pearl cocktail

One of the oldest betting in the history of mankind has been concluded between Cleopatra and her Roman lover Mark Antony. Queen argued that one can drink wine dinner on 10 million sesterces. Prospects provides a very interesting, and Mark gladly accepted the bet. However, treacherous woman, of course, cheated. At the beginning of dinner before it put a glass of wine vinegar, Cleopatra took in his ear a huge black pearl, which was known for its fabulous value, and threw them into the glass. Calcium carbonate is reacted with acetic acid, to weaken it, and at the end of dinner, the resulting cocktail was quite possible to enjoy a spectacular one gulp, and that the queen has done. Marc Anthony found her victory.

By the way, scientists have recently proven experience the realism of this chemical. A professor at the University of Prudence Jones New Jersey armed with vinegar and pearls and found that it takes about 24 hours to dissolve in acid medium pearl. He admits that the Egyptian queen in advance soaked his earring in vinegar and pulled her out of the ear in a softened form. Or dinner, as it often was at the time, especially in a society Cleopatra, smoothly flowing into the breakfast.

2. Go to the White House

Bets that can not win:

1. bet with a friend that he can not lift his left leg for three seconds, tightly against the wall right shoulder and right foot. Even for a moment - it's hard!

2. Suggest scored 100 points in bowling, playing blindfolded. Not work: people instantly lose orientation in space.

3. Tell me what your opponent will not be able to fold a piece of paper of any size greater than 9 times, provided that each time a sheet folded in half.

Who, besides the incumbent, may open the door a foot to the White House? This question has recently taken aback famous American basketball player Shaquille O'Neal and argued with one of his coaches, he could go without an appointment "a visit" to Obama, just stop the car at the gate and pushing security. Under the terms of the bet, basketball should not have to call anyone (he himself admitted that he has friends in the protection of the White House), call themselves, as well as the use of force. Argued for a thousand push-ups.

During the short trip to Washington coach gave Shaquille phone, caught a taxi and went to storm the residence of Obama. "They know me, - said he later told reporters. - Said, "Hey, Shaq! Glad to see you, but we can not let. " I told them: "OK, I understand».

NBA star insisted that he really did not hurt. However, on that day in his "Twitter" message appears: "Just do not let the White House. Pochemuuu? "However, perhaps these emotions belong to thousands of push-ups, who kindly allowed the coach divided into approaches to thirty times.

3. Balzac women


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