She took the foil jug and yeast dough. SO eggs on the Easter table is not set no one!

Easter basket has become an integral attribute of the Easter holiday. Her decorate, collect, buy her a nice towel. In celebration of waiting for the return of family from Church with a consecrated basket full of holiday treats.

If you love preparing for Easter as much as the holiday itself, try to bake cakes with a sweet Easter basket. This product can be put on a festive table or to give to loved ones. And how much joy the kids!

To basket was sturdy, will bake her dough. Unleavened dough for these purposes is not suitable. We offer you a detailed recipe.

Easter basket from testingquality
  • 450 g flour
  • 270 g of water
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tsp vegetable oil
  • 1 tsp dry yeast
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp. salt

  1. Take a deep bowl, put a little warm water and dissolve in it the sugar and salt.

  2. Add one egg, vegetable oil and flour mixed with yeast.

  3. Knead the dough. Vymeshivaem it as long as it will not be easy to come unstuck from the walls of the bowl.

  4. Cover the dough with plastic wrap or a towel and put in a warm place. Let him increase by 3-4 times. It may take 30 to 40 minutes.

  5. Sprinkle work surface with flour, put on it the dough and form a sausage out of it. Divide the dough into four parts. Put two and of the two remaining roll out a rectangular layer thickness of about 5 mm. Cut the dough into strips of width 1 see
  6. Take a small ovenproof bowl — this will be our form. Cover it with foil. Put the finished strip across the surface of the bowl, as shown in the picture.

  7. Take half of the remaining dough. Roll it in a layer of the same thickness and similarly cut into strips. Say anything about the resulting horizontal stripes in those that are already laid out on the bowl. Bring them alternately over and under the vertical strips. In a place where vertical stripes crisscross, formed a thick layer of dough. Push his Cup to form the bottom of the basket.

  8. Excess dough is cut off.

  9. Put the oven to heat up to 180 degrees.
  10. Easter basket cover towel and give time for 15 minutes. Lightly whip the egg and with a brush put some of that on the entire surface of the basket.
  11. Put the basket in the oven and bake until tender. It will take about 25 minutes.
  12. Get ready a basket from dough, gently get her off the bowl with foil and let cool.
  13. Now it is necessary to form a handle, the top rim and the bottom of the basket. Again, wrap the bowl with foil. Roll out remaining dough into the reservoir, cut it into nine strips. Braid the three braids. Lay them out as shown in the picture.

  14. Bake the same as the basket. Don't forget to grease with egg.
  15. When all the retrieved parts to cool, seal them together with toothpicks. Attach the pigtail-the bottom and the handle from the top rim to the base.
  16. Easter basket with your own hands made! Optionally decorate the basket with ribbons, flowers, and put inside a small cake or lay eggs.

Enjoy your meal, and let the light holiday of Easter will be warm and happy! Be sure to share this discovery with friends.

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