The myth that school prepares you for life

Recently in discussions about the pros and cons of "school" (formal education) as a last argument often includes the following: and but school prepares you for real life.

Teaches, they say, to be and act in those conditions, which then have to work.

Teaches social skills, adaptation to socially accepted models of interaction, in General, preparing the worker/employee/member of the team.

And if not enough, the school depth/power on any subject will grow it at the expense of the section or circle, the system dadobra works.

This all so accustomed to, that challenge comes to mind.

Now this is why it is not.

In everyday life, especially in professional activity, it is essential to understand the difference between the categories "goals", "tasks" and "incentives."

The knowledge of essence of these categories, their differences, their positions within the workflow allows you to:

a) to bring the work to the end,

b) throughout the operation to keep in mind the main thing is not to deviate,

C) to use the entire available Arsenal of techniques and solutions to implement the plan, if necessary – to change tactics, without changing the strategy

g) assign responsibilities and areas of work in time and/or among actors,

d) be guided in all work and every step of the way, it is easy to take responsibility for their actions

e) to enjoy both the process and the outcome.

That is, if you clearly know what you're doing (purpose), how are you going to do (objectives), and what benefits, what value will get at each stage and in total (incentives) – you will be consistent, enthusiastic and successful. The obvious thing, it would seem.

It turns out that in this place most people are a complete mess, which causes fear, uncertainty, irresponsibility, replacement of the real achievements of the immediate and even the substitution of key concepts.

This observation I made over the years as a teacher, or a leader in other people's projects and Manager of your own business.

And this mess that is brewing in the General education system, where the concept of "purpose" is systematically replaced by the terms "task" and "stimulus" or — what is worse — the "incentive"given the scale of "purpose."

For example, the purpose of discipline is to master it to a certain level (basic, medium, to perfection – it depends on what you're going to use it).

What does it mean to learn? Means to solve the problems in learning the language of the discipline, integrating it into their system of knowledge and values, building connections with other parts of the system and practical application.

And what's the incentive? The inner – satisfaction of the work done at each stage, the excitement to move on, a sense of coolness, in the end, when it was already up pretty high, the pleasure of social significance (you are called the expert at the conference, the media, and so on). External – high ratings and in the process of learning and in the process of working with this theme, the successful completion of tests (exams, interviews), praises from the circle of trust (friends, dear relatives and teachers), decent pay.

This is how it should be. What happens in reality, in the "schoolboy" model of education, training and life?

The goal in this model is not even internal and external incentive — a good score, after which you are officially allowed to stop the development in this area.

Tasks – typical processing of large amounts of loosely structured information.

And internal stimuli and external securities (recognition) are replaced already in the family tangible rewards for achieving the alleged goal of all sorts of chocolates, toys, trips to McDonald's... That is, we are rewarded not because valuable, not for what is the purpose of the activity, and then you have the right not to develop in this area.

What is the result? To what is people who are interested to learn, who like to be smart, who want to grow into professionals and to gain a strong base of knowledge and skills of a wide profile, and then proudly make an informed choice, we grow people who are used to obtain estimates (not load-bearing values of markers), they buy their chocolate bars (not load-bearing value material goods), and for this video, so be ready to turn over a few meaningless mountains of ore (not a load-bearing values of activity), which have no interest and know nothing about its purpose.

Are transported into the adult world – and get employee, which, in principle, not interested in workthat is not ready to be responsible for anything, and the only thing that holds it in the workplace – habit, fear, and salary. The employee is inefficient even in the most private positions. The inability to distinguish between the purpose and the nature of its activities, from salaries fatal. Thank you school for what 80% of employers are howling with 80% of applicants.

And to the objection that we do not learn for the sake of work and professional achievements, and all the same social features developed, people adapted to the society that has to answer – the lack of ability to set goals, solve problems, and to identify incentives leads to the fact that man in principle is not much interested to live and participate in this life actively, he just can not. Internal stimuli he is not able to form clearly expressed external in all that relates to self-development, do not exist, but to see the real goals its just not taught.

Perhaps he adapted to the existing life — but life is it?published

Author: Lika Chekalova

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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