10 mysterious historical picture that we have too many questions

Eighty three million three hundred thousand two hundred sixty two

These pictures were taken by ordinary people on an ordinary photo and definitely not processed in the graphic editors. But it only gets more questions.

The website gathered the 10 real images that look more like stills from a science fiction movie.

Monster off the coast of hook

The Internet is often possible to meet opinion that this famous photo is just a photoshop. However,the original picture was taken in 1965, when no photoshop did not exist. Photographer Robert Le Serek noticed a suspicious object in the lake hook in Australia and immediately took a photo, which still arguing all zoologists.

The lights of Hessdalen valley

This picture was taken by the Norwegian photographer on the shutter speed of 30 seconds and is not the only proof of the existence of a strange luminous object flying over the valley of Hessdalen. Spectral analysis shows that this object consists of silicon, iron and scandium. Scientists still don't know what it is.

"Black knight"

First artificial satellite photographed this unidentified object in 1960, and NASA experts called him the Black knight. Ever since a mysterious object was seen repeatedly: he appears and disappears from Earth's orbit. Scientists say that this chip is of artificial origin.

Babushka Lady

November 22, 1963 in Dallas was shot and killed American President John F. Kennedy. That day at the crime scene photographers took a lot of pictures, some of them turned out to be a mysterious woman with one hand holding the camera. Intelligence agencies have long tried to find this lady, as she was to photograph the murder of the President on camera. However, all attempts to identify her have failed. An unknown woman called the Babushka Ladybecause she wore a headscarf, just like a Russian grandmother.


This picture was made by photographer Richard drew on the day of the September 11 attacks, in a matter of hours the photo went around the world. Many noted the strange position of the body of a man: he falls, almost forming a straight line which is very difficult to do physically. The identity of the person in the picture and failed to establish, although many Americans claim that they knew this picture of their loved ones.

Unknown rebel

This photo was taken in Beijing during the unrest of 1989. In Tiananmen square, an unknown man for half an hour held a column of tanks, blocking the way with his body. And although the picture appeared on the front pages of the most famous magazines in the world, the name and fate of men is still unknown.

Mobile phone in Chaplin film

In 2010 he released a DVD with bonus footage from the filming of Charlie Chaplin's "the Circus" in 1928. On one of the frames you notice a woman who holds in his hand something very similar to a mobile phone.Director George Clarke said that thinks these pictures proof of time travel. And many skeptics believe that this frame — just a stupid marketing ploy.

Spaceman of Solway Firth

In 1964, Jim Templeton photographed his 5 year old daughter out of town. Although Templetoni argue that apart from them there was not a soul at the time of developing the photo there was a distinct figure, peek-a-Boo from behind the head girl. Subsequent analysis showed that the photo was not subjected to any changes.

The squadron of sir Goddard

Album of the squadron of sir Goddard, who fought in the First world, contains a strange photo. The person who stands in the back row, all members of the squadron after developing the photo learned his friend Freddy Jackson, who died 2 days before was made this picture. And that day, when the squadron was photographed, was the funeral of Freddie.

The Pyramid Of The Moon

This photo was taken during the mission "Apollo 17" and in the archive were burnt. However, after the specialists have worked on the contrast, they saw the outline of something very similar to a pyramid. This gives many reason to believe that on the back side of the moon is the pyramid.

Photo on preview: Scientific American

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