16 statistical facts that border on fiction

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Visitor popular forum Reddit under the nickname nora100797 asked the users about the most stunning statistics that they met.

We are in the Website I was astonished to read the more than 7,000 comments and chose the facts which at first sight seem incredible.


76 years and 3 full generation without war and disasters took the largest English city to return to prewar population levels. By the way, neither Berlin nor Paris pre-war level has not yet reached.


Think it's a good excuse to open a bottle immediately.


Statistics cited by 15-year anniversary of Google claims that in average every 6th search query was unique. Of course, with time search engines are improved, but nevertheless it proves how we are different and awesome!


And it seems incredible! However, it's true — the population of the Tokyo agglomeration is slightly larger than the population of the second largest country in the world.


From the worldly point of view, this seems doubtful. However, the mathematical calculations to put everything in its place. Let one of the group members birthday on the day of X, there is only 364 days for the second, 363 for the third, etc. to calculate this probability, you simply multiply these ratios: 365/ 365 * 364/ 365 * 363/ 365 etc. as a result of less than 0.01% of the group members have different dates.


Don't believe? The Vatican area is only 0.44 sq km. Think for yourself.


In principle, the users of Reddit are right: to get to the point on the other side of the Earth very quickly. However, they clearly did not take into account the latest calculations of scientists. In fact, it can be done much faster — in just 38 minutes.


Unfortunately, despite all the efforts of mankind, wildlife less.


Genghis Khan believed that the more human offspring, so it is significant. In his harem, there were several thousand women, and many of them gave birth to his children. That is why the Y chromosome 8% of men of the 17 Asian locations are genes one of the main conquerors of all times and peoples. Amazing!


Over 3 trillion trees. By the way, most of them are growing in Russia. Now think of what it was 100 years ago.

Sources: Nature, National Geographic


Despite the common stereotype about Americans ' love for fast food, restaurants most popular fast food chains McDonald's does not reach the number of public libraries. And that's not including libraries in schools.


Just over 4 500 weekends — a lot or a little? You decide. The rest of your life.


The famous pyramid of Cheops — the largest of the pyramids of Ancient Egypt — built around the year 2540 BC. Cleopatra lived closer to our time — in the years 69-30 BC. And landing a man on the moon took place in 1969.


I hope after you found out about it, you can no longer travel by plane.


On the one hand, overall growth in the number of tigers born in the last few decades, can not but rejoice. On the other hand, often owners treat them like normal cats, which, of course, inadmissible.


Through CO2 emissions and pollution of soil and water.

Source reddit, topito
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