10 of the strangest laws in the world, which can hardly be logic

Going on a trip to a new country, be sure to check local laws. What to us may seem perfectly acceptable and normal, in other States, often punishable by fines and even imprisonment.

AdMe.EN gathered for you 10 absurd laws from around the world that are hard to believe. Nevertheless, they exist and are binding both residents and tourists.

Smile! (Italy)

In Milan the law requires, always and everywhere to smile. The only exception is for funerals and hospital visits.

We believe that this requirement is for Sunny Italy, full of amazing places, just once: a good mood is here and so is secured.

To die here can not (England)

The Palace of Westminster — Royal. Its inhabitants not only live like a king but die as well. Therefore, anyone who graduates from life in the walls of the British Parliament, guaranteed the highest state honors.

But I hasten to disappoint those who might want to finish his long and happy life king: this lady is not of Royal blood still will not allow those who suffered a sad fate in the Palace of Westminster, are transported to the hospital of St. Thomas, located nearby, and is only there to register the death.

The pig Napoleon can not be (France)

According to the French government, to call a pig the name of the great commander and Emperor is simply unacceptable and insulting.

But the cake to be "Napoleon" is not precluded.

Only for the beautiful (Italy)

In the Italian town of Tropea in action long ago given a law that prohibits some women to be naked on public beaches. The law says: "Women who are thick, ugly or ugly, it is forbidden to appear on the beach in undressed." This right shall be confined to "young women who deserve to extol the beauty of the female body."

However, what are the criteria for "beauty", the law is not specified. So even if you think you are an attractive girl, better not to risk: you never know what flavor will be on duty police officer.

During the fire main — not (USA)

In Chicago (USA) law prohibits eating in a building on fire. And a surprisingly tasty pizza or dessert can't be an excuse.

I must admit, the people in this state have nerves of steel!

Cow is the main problem of ecology (Estonia)

The tax to the cow gases in Estonia introduced not so long ago — in 2008. In a country where there are a large number of polluting large enterprises, to impose "environmental" collection, it was decided the owners of cows. According to the Estonian parliamentarians, cows in the process of life emit into the atmosphere large amounts of methane.

Interestingly, dogs and cats tax levy did not. And thank God, because to explain to the child why the parents can't afford a dog, would be quite difficult.

Chewing gum — banned (Singapore)

In Singapore there is a strict ban on the import and sale of chewing gum, which is strictly observed since 2004. Here you can buy medical chewing gum — only in the pharmacy is strictly on prescription.

The explanation for this is: previously discarded chewing gum stuck to the tape of the doors in the subway that interfere with coordinated work of the trains.

Obesity — the battle (Japan)

In Japan, since 2009 there is a ban on excess weight. Lawmakers have set a maximum limit for men after the age of 40 waist should be no more than 31 inches (about 79 cm) and women — no more than 35 inches (about 89 cm).

Strange to hear this from the country that gave the world sumo wrestlers. Well, you can sympathize with the Japanese and be glad that in our country there is no such law. And still safely eat the extra piece of cake.

Don't use the bathroom at night (Switzerland)

In Switzerland, the law prohibits noise to flush toilets in apartment buildings after 22:00. Such is the reverent care of the sensitive sleep patterns of the neighbors.

In fairness, we note that the modern Swiss sanitary ware before silent that in most cases allows you to resolve the issue.

Parachute — only on weekdays and Saturday (USA)

In Florida (USA) unmarried girls are forbidden to parachute on Sundays. The violators face not only fines, but also imprisonment.

I don't really like.

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